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w The trademark "Coca-
"Coca-Cola" was registered
with the U.S.
w Patent and Trademark Office in 1893,
followed by "Coke" in 1945.
w everywhere, was granted registration as a
trademark by the U.S.
w Patent and Trademark Office in 1977, an
honor awarded very few packages.
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I i u ti 1977 wh it t th th 

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 uity t    ui u  th F ig
Exh  Ruti At (FERA) whih 
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w At  16-y  , Õ -Õ  tu 
t I i i 1993
w Õ -Õ  I i tt ui , i ui  
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 ui  t.
w Õ -Õ  t h i
t  th US$
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w Õ -Õ  i   th  u t t 
i t ti  i
§ vverything we do is inspired by
our enduring mission:
w To Refresh the World... in body,
mind, and spirit.
w To Inspire Moments of
Optimism   " "  
w To Create Value and Make a
§ To achieve sustainable growth, we have established
a vision with clear goals.
w Profit
Profit:: Maximizing return to shareowners while
being mindful of our overall responsibilities.

w People: Being a great place to work where people

are inspired to be the best they can be.

w Portfolio: Bringing to the world a portfolio of

beverage brands that anticipate and satisfy
peoples· desires and needs.

w Partners: Nurturing a winning network of partners

and building mutual loyalty.
We are guided by shared values that we will
live by as a company and as individuals.
Leadership:: "The courage to shape a better
Passion:: "Committed in heart and mind´

Integrity:: "Be real´
Accountability:: "If it is to be, it·s up to me´

Collaboration:: "Leverage collective genius´
Innovation:: "Seek, imagine, create, delight´

Quality:: "What we do, we do well"
w Manifesto represents the beginning of a
journey which, will never end. It is a foundation
upon which will build sustainable growth as each
and every member of the Coca-
Coca-Cola system
recognizes and invests in company·s rich long-
opportunities, while also accepting a renewed
responsibility for meeting its short-
 People - Coke inspires to be a great work place,
where people are inspired to be the best they can
 Profits - Coke maximizes return to shareholders
while being mindful of overall responsibility.
 Portfolio - Coke brings the global marketplace
beverage brands that anticipate &satisfy people·s
desire & needs.
 Partners - Coke actively nurtures a winning
network of beverage and bottling partners, building
mutual loyalty.
 Planet - Coke acts as a responsible citizen, focus
on environmental efforts making making a
difference wherever they engage.
w The Coca-
Coca-Cola formula is The Coca-
Companys secret recipe for Coca-
w As a publicity marketing strategy started by
David W. Woodruff,

w The actual production and distribution of Coca-

Cola follows a franchising model.
w The Coca-
Coca-Cola Company only produces a syrup
concentrate, which it sells to various bottlers
throughout the.
w The Coca-
Coca-Cola Company and bottling partners are
not one and the same from a legal or managerial
w The Companys business is focused on creating and
marketing brands and trademarks,

wThese bottling partners range from international and

publicly traded businesses to small, family-
w Bottlers in which coca cola company have invested
and have a non-
non-controlling ownership interest

w Independently owned bottlers in which the company

have no ownership interest

w Bottlers in which the company have invested and

have a controlling ownership interest
The Coca-
Coca-Cola Company owns minority shares in
some of its largest franchisees, like Coca-
vnterprises, Coca-
Coca-Cola Amati, Coca
Coca- -Cola
Hellenic Bottling Company (CCHBC)
Coca -Cola FvMSA, but fully independent
bottlers produce almost half of the volume sold
in the world.
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§ Eh  u t h thi  H Oi  
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 hi ti    t,   
tti ui  u it (SBU).
* Strong brand name
* Co-
Co-operate identity
* Global distribution
* Innovation
w Wv NvSSvS
* Does not enjoy the number one position
in India.
* dvertising was not clear and was
misunderstood in India
* Possible growing demand
* vpansion ² Reaching all segments
§ * Globalization
§ * Catering to Health Consciousness of

* Competition-
§ * Health Drinks ² Fruit Juice Companies
§ The three main ways are through
innovation, relations or reputation.
w ëirst of all innovation can be used.
w This may certainly give coca cola
competitive advantage because it introduces
a new product, which many people will want
to try
w People will like to purchase the commodity
even though price is high because no
substitutes are available.
w Many of coca cola·s plastic bottles are
recycled and as a result less resources are
lost and costs decrease.
w This makes profits increase.
w It attracts a new market segment
w This will mean they will have a higher
revenue increasing long term profitability.
§ Sluggish growth in 2  
urban India  

§ Pepsi already
established in urban 
§ India͛s huge rural
§ First mover͛s
advantage because 

market untapped   
§ Increased capacity  
§ 2003
2003-- 80% of new
customers from 
rural market  
§ 30% of total sales in
rural market   
§ Rural market  

growing at 37%
§ ackground § Go Rural

§ Coke made a come back § In 2002, Coke started

in 1993 after its forced wooing Rural India
exit in 1977.
§ 1998 onwards, the
Indian Urban Cola § Challenges:
Market got sluggish § Distribution
§ Lack of Infrastructure
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:  r i l t r
ts:  l (
 r t l
 rts: ri , ti ri ,
r, si , ri ,
il st.
tiv: t  t  rl·s rir  s
r r
w PvPSI·S Global Mission Statement:
§ Vision of Pepsi
w To be the worlds best beverage company.
Being the best means providing outstanding
quality, service, cleanliness and value, so
that their every customer is contented and
happy with their products.
w To increase the value of their shareholder·s
investment through sales growth, cost
control and wise investment of resources
· To be the best beverage
company in Pakistan which they
already are, hence according to
Mr. halid, the eecutive
director at Pepsi, their mission
statement is: -
w eputation in marketplace.
w Great brands, strong distribution,
innovative capabilities.
w Number one maker of snacks,
such as corn chips and potato
w Culture of shared principle.
w Pepsi hard to inspire vision
and direction for large global
w The design of Pepsi cola·s

package is not attractive.

w The market share of Pepsi

cola is a little bit smaller than

coca cola.
w ëood division should epand
w Come up with new flavors

(mint, cookie dough, pumpkin 

w Non carbonated drinks

w Healthy food
w Local coals in Chinese and other
w ërito-
ërito -lay which earns about 5 % of
revenue for PepsiCo
w ëight between Pepsi and its
w Government egulations
w Duplicate drinks
w Pepsi has divided its market in many ways

w demographically,
w geographically,
w psycho graphically
w behaviorally
wPepsi customers are mostly young group
14-3 and also targeted
between the age of 14-
at school, colleges, universities, homes,
restaurants, hotel and stores.
PvPS has positioned itself in the
market very perfectly.
w Products
PepsiCo operates in three major US and international businesses.
w Beverages: Pepsi-
Pepsi -Cola
§ Mountain Dew
§ 7up
§ Mirinda
§ Teem
§ Snack ëoods:
§ Lays
§ Cheetahs
§ urkure
Other Products:
Dole juices and juice drinks
quafina drinking water

Brand name

w Spends a huge amount on promotions.
w nclude advertisements sponsorships of sporting events,
musical shows and many more.
w Build strong brand equity.
w Spends a huge budget on advertisements also.
w Some of the entertainment celebrities for advertisements
used by Pepsi are:
§ nzamam-
nzamam -ul
§ David Beckham
§ Maradona
§ Jeff Gordan
§ onaldenio
§ oberto Carlos
w Slogans
§ ´ sk ëor Moreµ
§ ´Pepsify aro Gayµ
w Price is the amount of money and/or other
items with utility needed to acquire a
w PepsiCo sets the prices of its products
according to the prices of its competitors.
w The products of Pepsi are easily available
at affordable prices all over the world.
w lso sells its products at discount prices at
special occasions
w Distribution is movement and product from
manufacture to end user.
w Distribution objective of Pepsi is to make
Pepsi available at an arms length.


w ncentives to Distributors.
w Credit facilities.
w PepsiCo is committed to being an
environmentally responsible corporate
w s a food and beverage company, Pepsi
reduces the water consumption.
w Pepsi follows five principles of sustainable
packaging design: educe, euse, ecycle,
emove, and enew.
 !"Õ "Õ ! Õ ÕÕ  #$Õ!
#$Õ!  Õ "Õ !
Pepsi 250ml 14 Coke 250ml 14

Pepsi 500ml 28/30 Coke 500ml 28/30

Pepsi 1 liter 30 Coke 1 liter 30

Pepsi 1.5 liter 55 Coke 1.5 liter 55

Pepsi jumbo 70 Coke jumbo 70

›       ›   4   
% &    % 
'  ( '      
)   *  )  
+      +    
, Õ  ,     
- Õ -   5 3
. Õ .  6
/ Õ
1 /    
Õ     (    › 
› Õ
1 ››   3 Õ 1
% Õ
0Õ Õ% ›%   
' Õ
0Õ Õ( ›'   ! 
) Õ
0Õ Õ ›)    7  
+ Õ
0Õ + ›+  3   
, Õ
0Õ 2 ›, 
- Õ
0Õ ›-      ( Õ 1
. Õ
0Õ 3 ›.   
  ›/ ! 
› Õ
0Õ 3  % !
% #   %› !    (
 %% ! 
) #    Õ 1 %' !   1 
+   %) !    
%+ !     "

-      %, !         6
%- !     2  
/     %. ! 
› 0Õ %/ !38
››  '  
›%  0 '›   Õ  
›'  ( '%       (




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! "
  !      #
› !   ›  
% &  %    
' Õ    0
 0    '   Õ  

) Õ (    )    6
+ #    +   
,      ,   ! 
- " -    1
.   .   3 
/   /      9 
›   › !  
››      ! ›› ! 

›%   ›% ! 
›'     # 3 ›' !  
›)     # 3  ›) 
›+     # 3  89 ›+   

›,     # 3 # 7 ›,   
§ COKE § 2
§ Launched new § Product augmented
by lowered price
§ Advertising mostly
§ Firstly, launched done through Tÿ
village based Tÿ § Reduced price
advertisements translated to rural
sales but the
§ Started advertising positioning wasn͛t
through means changed
effective in villages.
YES!!! Totally dislike Pepsi, I am against because you
and for those who think put anything rusty in a glass
there isn't a difference in the of coke some time later if
taste, you've got something you get that object out then
wrong with your taste buds. the rust is gone!!! I do not
My dad tried giving me a want anything that did that
Pepsi, I took one sip and I in my stomach.
knew it wasn't Coke.
I always prefer to choose Pepsi is so much better than
coke over Pepsi if given the coke,, coke taste flat,,, Pepsi
offer. However, I'll drink is all i will drink
Pepsi if that's the only I love Pepsi more because it
option. Coke just tastes is easily available here than
better. Diet coke. coca cola.
I think coke is the best I dislike ALL soft drinks now,
because ever since I started but when I was a child, I
drinking soda I always drank enjoyed Pepsi. Coke seemed
coke too carbonated.