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The platform includes: Java EE (formerly J2EE). . Enterprise Edition. In this case. JAVA PLATFORM Java is the name of an environment or computing platform originating from Sun Microsystems. Java Platform. capable of running applications developed using the programming language. the platform is not a specific hardware or operating system.

a set of tools known as JDK (Java Development Kit) is used. each of which offers a part of the development complex and real-time execution environment. . the version of Java SE 6 as an external version and 1. However.Since 2006.6 as an internal version. The Java Platform is comprised of a wide range of technologies. For application development. the term of version 6 is preferred. Java applications can be used in various ways in a Web page.

ASP. It is used by programmers and designers to create dynamic web sites.0 of the . NET Framework supports three programming models: ASP.NET Web Pages.NET foundation.NET Web Forms.NET Framework and is based on the common language of execution. web applications Appeared in January 2002 with version 1. MVC and ASP. Although all three models run on the same ASP.NET code Supported language with the. which allows programmers to write ASP. .NET It is a web application environment developed by Microsoft. each of them is of different structure. and adapts to different developer profiles.

It is important to choose one of the programming models to start an ASP.NET project it is possible to have applications with a programming model and other parts with a different model. ASP. .NET Web Forms was the first of three programming models to exist and provides a high level of abstraction and promotes productivity through declarative programming to reduce the amount of code needed for functionality.NET MVC was designed as an alternative to Web forms and its main features include its complete integration with unit logic presentation and logical presentation of data access. ASP.

. The code is interpreted by a web server with a PHP processor module that generates the resulting web page. PHP It is a general-purpose programming language. it is one of the first server- side programming languages that could be incorporated directly into the HTML document. PHP now also includes a command-line interface for use in graphical applications. It can be used on most web servers as well as on almost all operating systems and platforms at no cost.

Currently the language is developed with new functions by the PHP group and is part of the free software published under the PHP license and can be implemented in most web servers. etc. in almost all operating systems and platforms The PHP language is installed in more Of 20 million websites and on one million servers and has been progressively reduced in recent years. with the emergence of new technologies such as Node. ASP.JS. .NET. Golang.

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