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What is a Hyperlink? • Hyperlink is a reference link that allows you to navigate to another page of the same document or to another document. Types of Hyperlinks Type Description Absolute URL Links to the page in a different Web Server Relative URL Links to a page in the same Web Server Named Anchor Links to different location or the same Web Page .

you will learn how to create anchors (term used to define a hyperlink) that allows viewers to go to another Web page or file.Creating a Link from One Page to Another In this part. Example: <a href=“www. Anchors can be made thru the container tag <a></a> and setting the value of the attribute href as the target destination page.com”>Yahoo!</a> . Hyperlinks are clicked in order for viewers to jump to a page specified in it. Anchors can also be made to make email hyperlinks.yahoo.

URL._self. mail to the anchor syntax Indicates the behavior the Target Web browser will carry Blank. _parent. _top out Assigns name to the anchor defining an Name Any Text internal book mark of the page .Attribute Table for <a></a> Attribute Definition Values Name Filename (path could be Indicates the target of Href included).

. _Parent – the value of the href attribute or target URL will be opened on the parent frameset. _Self – the value of the href attribute or target URL will be opened within the same frame.the value of href attribute or target URL will be opened in the new window. The following describes what each values does: Blank . It indicates what the web browser will do when the hyperlink is clicked. _Top – the value of the href attribute or target URL will be opened in the full body of the window.Target Attribute As seen on the table of attributes for<a></a>. there exists the target attribute. Frames will be discussed on the later chapters.

Example: <a href=“mailto: ootdf6@gmail.Creating E-mail Link Email Links allows the user to send email and communicate with you easily.com”> Email us now</a> . An e-mail hyperlink opens the Create New Email Message of the MS Outlook Express(or default mail client) and sets the message to be sent to the specified e-mail address. You can make your own e-mail hyperlink by setting the value of the attribute href as mailto: followed by the email address.

gif “ align=“left” border=“0”></a> . Example: <a href=“ http://address_of_page.com “> <img src=“ http://adress_of_graphic.Linking to a Page on a Different Web Site Using Graph as Links • To link a page on a different web • You can use graphics or images to site you have to find first the take you to another page in your destination path and copy it to your website or to another website. code to create the link.

Go to Youtube and open the video you would like to add to your page. the video of the window in which the video file appears. The HTML code used to embed the video will be displayed below. click Embed link 3. . page so that when a visitor You can control the width and height click the button. At the bottom of the video. 2. Copy the code and paste it to your HTML document.Linking Audio or Video Files Embedding a Video File You can link Youtube • You embed a Youtube video file by using the <embed> tag to your video files to your web HTML document. 4. An embedded video will paly directly on your page. 1. file will play.