How many products can you name?

6. 5. MAC PRO) •IPHONE (3GS. 5S. 7) •IPAD •LISA •IPOD . 4. 4S.Some of the products •MAC COMPUTERS (MAC AIR.

They created verbs in the computer with the Add -edyellow Change help of Xerox. It was the first now or they finished in computer to have a the past? Classify the mouse. It No change Create – Be – had an internal memory Design . Apple built it • Are they happening in 1983. Steve Jobs was Have- Pay- happy with the design. Cost- It cost $9995.LISA Answer • Are we talking about a The Liza computer was present situation or history (past)? very nice. Build- of 5 MB. Motorola completely / designed the CPU. Nobody .

He 1. He (found) ________ Microsoft Corporation.Graduated .Complete the story Bill Gates (be) _______ born in 1955. He (help) _______ to design Windows. His best 3. He is a millionare now 6.Hired university.Founded university.Helped friend (graduate) _______ as 4.Finished Magna Cum Laude from 5.Was never (finish) _________ 2. He (hire) ________ his best friend as CEO.

Get an entrepreneur and tell his/her story Mark Jack Dorsey Zukerberg Luis Von Ahn Naomi Simson .

Tell your story and achievements to . Imagine Imagine you are an entrepreneur.