Projek Nuffield (1960

• Membimbing murid-murid
yang berumur 5 tahun
hingga 13 tahun belajar
matematik melalui
pemusatan aktiviti
• The emphasis was on how
to learn not what to teach,
on understanding, not rote

. School Mathematics Project (1961) • a developer of mathematics textbooks for secondary schools. based in Southampton in the UK • calls to reform mathematics teaching in the wake of the Sputnik launch by the Soviet Union.

School Mathematics Study Group (SMSG: 1958) • an American academic think tank focused on the subject of reform in mathematics education • the group was created in the wake of the Sputnik crisis in 1958 • creating and implementing mathematics curricula for primary and secondary education • Terminated in 1977. • SMSG yielded a reform in mathematics education known as new math .