Lecture 1

. Muhammad Anwar Fall 2009 Phone in urgency: 0300-421-2357 Credit Hours: Three Total Sessions: 32 .University of Central Punjab Course: RMM 3103 Research Methodology Instructor: Dr.

or what is called as Research Project/Proposal.• The present course prepares the participants to analyze every business situation in a systematic. logical and scientific manner. • The participants in this session shall walk through the complete research process that starts with the translation of the management concern into a business research problem. . • This is followed by careful preparation of a blue print for the research. • It develops critical thinking process enabling the participants to analyze the statistical data and draw meaningful conclusions for sound decision-making.

.This proposal should aim at the collection of primary data as part of survey research. The proposal shall be prepared in 2 different attempts.

Comments shall be provided by the students as well as by the teacher. . • You will incorporate the comments in your writing which will be seen in the final document that you will submit on or before the final day of the class.• Each part shall be presented by the students in the class and a hard copy provided to the teacher for his record.

• iv) Participation in the class discussion.Teaching-Learning Methodology • The teaching-learning format shall be based on: • i) Class lectures. . • iii) Reading the material suggested from time to time. • ii) Studying the textbook material. and • v) Class presentations.

. • Each group or an individual shall select a topic for survey research and shall develop research proposal covering all the steps outlined in the research process. which will progress simultaneously. the abstaining member shall loose marks for that presentation.• The course shall consist of two parts. In part one there will be coverage of text material and in part two an actual research process will be taken in hand. • On the day of presentation. • The class shall be divided into small groups unless somebody wants to work all by him/her self.

Mid Exam 30 (No repeat) 4. 30 (No repeat) Total = 100 . . 2 class presentation 20 (No repeat/make up) 2. Final Exam . 2 Quiz 20 (No repeat) 3.• Assessment and Evaluation: Criteria Percent Marks Allocated 1.

Mason. W. Business Research Methods. Ohio: South Western.Books: • Recommended • Zikmund. (2003). • Supplementary • Sekaran. (2004). Research Methods for Business New York: John Wiley & Sons . G. U.

• Systematic and organized effort to investigate. . and thereby help in solving a problem. What is research? • Gathering information needed to answer a question.

What is the value of research? .

. Research offers the pleasure of solving a puzzle.

Generating Theories – Models .

Identifying problems and solutions .

.Research helps to develop new methodologies.

We are surrounded by social research .