Colette Prevost – A Recognized Name in Social Services In

Colette Prevost – A proven leader in the Social Service

Colette Prevost is a recognized name in Social Services in
Ontario. She possesses excellent leadership qualities and works
for the welfare of children, youth, and families in the
community. She also is a long standing supporter of YWCA
Canada in their vision of empowered women and girls for a
safe and equitable society.
Colette Prevost – A social worker by training

Colette Prevost has a Bachelor of Social Work degree from
Laurentian University and a Master’s degree in same from
Wilfrid Laurier University. She also has a certificate of
completion of Rotman School of Business in Leadership.
A social worker with a long list of accomplishments

Colette Prevost has been entrusted with an honorary eagle
feather by the First Nations of Territory 3 in Ontario for her
work with the Indigenous Child wellbeing sector. She has also
been honored by Laurentian University for her contribution to
advancing the interests of women in the community.
Different services that Colette Prevost provides

Colette Prevost offers leadership and governance consultation
services. She also offers services to equity seeking
organizations and specializes in gender, equity, and human
About Colette Prevost
Colette Prevost is a noted name in the field of leadership,
women’s equity and empowerment services. She is actively
involved at the University and College levels in offering
leadership and governance courses. She has previously served
as an Executive Director in Child Welfare, YWCA Sudbury,
Alliance Centre Nipissing General Hospital, Program Director
at Community Counselling Centre of Nipissing, Clinical
Director at Sudbury Family Service.
Colette is currently engaged with College Boreal in Toronto
where she develops curriculum and teaches Leadership and
Administration to professionals newly immigrated to Canada.
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