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engineering to mounting and construction. Business Scope 06 Apfelbaum Inc. . We provide the services from the pre-engineering. Portfolio offers a complete range of products and systems for any industry. As an Apfelbaum client/partner you can rely on a comprehensive portfolio of products tailored to your needs.

spare parts and machinery. Transmission & Distribution Lines HV and MV voltage equipment accessories and supplies. Business Divisions 08 Business Divisions Apfelbaum Inc main objective is the Wholesale. POWER GENERATION TRANSMISSION & GREEN POWER INDUSTRIAL DISTRIBUTION . electronic test instruments and apparatus for maintenance. commissioning and maintenance of Power Generation. as well as tools and industrial equipment. Engineering. installation.

And committed to SERVICE EXCELLENCE. built on a powerful philosophy. timely. We’ve developed highly sophisticated systems and utilize the latest technologies. well thought-out SYSTEMS help insure that good performance to meet your expectations. accurate and efficient services and bottom-line savings. Solid systems. to effectively deal with the complex and expanding needs of our customer’s state-of- the art service and maximize the value of our service to them. Nuestra Filisofía 07 Our Philosophy We believe in listening to our customers to discover their real needs. Efficient. can only work if the PEOPLE using these systems are of the highest caliber. and meeting those needs with quality products. .


Power Generation POWER TURBINE GENERATORS-DIESEL/GAS Simple Cycle Combine Cycle CHP-Combine Heat & power HRS-Heat Recovery System STEAM TURBINES ENGINE DIESEL AND GAS GENERATORS .

Flow. Time.Different Type. Power Generation SPARE PARTS Blades. Safety Valves. Instrumentation: Pressure. By-pass & Check Valves Centrifuge Pumps . Temperature. Shut Off. Control y Monitoring Relays Electronics Boards Canters NOZZLES Recorders Mechanical Seals Terminal Blocks Flex Couplings Solenoid valves Rotors O’Rings Heating Resistors Bearings Voltage Regulators Combustion Chambers Converters & Power Supplies Thermocouples Battery Banks Ignition Cables Insulation components Igniters & Spark Plugs Boilers and HSTG Servovalves Circulation Pumps. level gauges. Bushings. Material and Usage. Deflectors transmitters and switches.


Transmission & Distribution 15 Transmission & Distribution Engineering. Glass and Composite Insulators Bushing for Power Circuit Breakers and Transformers Voltage and Current Transformers (Split Core and Padmount) Hardware for Transmission and Distribution Protection Equipment for Aerial Pulling/Tension Cable Accessories Substation (mobile and Stationary) Control Room for Motors and Switchgears Withdrawal and Stationary Power Circuit Breaker for Low and Medium Voltage Power Circuit Breakers Retrofit for Low and Medium Voltage Equipment Protection for Power Circuit Breakers . Procurement & Commissioning Power Transformers GIS Power Circuit Breakers (SF6) Disconnecting Switches & Cut-Outs Lighting & Surge Arresters Ceramic.


Insulation Relation of transformation and polarity Test Ohm resistance Test & contact resistance test Reactance of dispersion Test Residual Humidity Test Saturation test Insulation Resistance test to the windings Power Circuit Breaker Test Insulation Power Factor test Contact resistance in power circuit breakers Operation time & simultaneously closing/opening in Power Circuit Breakers Electric test to bushings. TEST AND MAINTENANCE Commissioning testing and . predictive and corrective maintenance to Power Equipment (Transmission substation conventional and GIS) Commissioning. Commissioning. disconnecting switches. Commissioning. single or group operation. 115KV. 230KV & 400 KV. Power Factor. Commissioning. . compact. Test and Maintenance 16 COMMISSIONING. 85KV. Hoy Collar bushing and disconnecting switches test. voltage regulators. test and Maintenance in general to rural substation. pad mount and transmission substation conventional and GIS from 13. lighting arresters.8KV. 23KV.5KV. test and maintenance for Metal Clad Switchgears and MCC’s Excitation current Test. Test and maintenance to Power Transformers. instrument transformers. 34.

SF6 behavior. capacitance metering. Thermography analysis Ground networks. Dielectric Ridged or breaking strength. stable state SF6 behavior under failure . gas chromatography test. and Power Transformer repair and remanufacturing.resistivity metering and methods. Oil resistivity. power cables and accessories. Hi-pot Tester in DC for Metal Clad switchgear On line Oil dielectric Reclaiming to Power Transformers Capacitor test. Sulfur Hexafluoride Leaking and pressure test Humidity test. commissioning Power factor calculus Dielectric ridged for Power vacuum and SF6 Circuit Breakers Insulated fluids.connections. Power Line Installation and maintenance. Industrial and commercial Installations. Acoustic Partial discharges in SF6 substations Detection and metering of hot points. test. Metal Clad switchgears: operation. TEST AND MAINTENANCE Electric test to bus bar. Commissioning. commissioning. Test and Maintenance 16 COMMISSIONING. GIS Substations: installation. maintenance. decomposition purity test. test and Special installations. SF6 Recover Filling. installation. power factor Physical-chemical test.


Equipos e Instrumentos de Protección 12 PROTECTION & INSTRUMENT EQUIPMENT Vast selection of test and instrumentation equipment .


Equipment & Accessories for Power Plants 09 EQUIPMENT & ACCESSORIES FOR POWER PLANTS Seamless Pipe Bar & Welded Pipe Small/Large Diameters Fittings & Flanges Expansion Joint .

resist to puncture tests (IEC-1211). thermal-mechanical tests (IEC-575 and ANSI C-29. besides presenting high residual resistance (ANSI C-29.2) and impact resistance. offering no attractiveness to vandalism.  Monitoring and controlling lightning and short circuit current electrical High tensile strength design power systems . manufactured with aluminous high mechanical strength porcelain. Equipment & Accessories for Power Plants 10 EQUIPMENT & ACCESSORIES FOR POWER PLANTS 01 Transmission & Substation Insulators Santana insulators.2). FEATURES USE / APPLICATIONS  Standard fiber count: 6 ~ 96 fibers  Power line protection system Unaffectness for electromagnetic interference. large transmission capacity Power line operation system Maintenance data information system Good resistance to strong winds. 02 OPGW (Optical Fiber Ground Wire) The OPGW has been designed to meet either the "Electrical“ or the Mechanical equivalent of conventional ground wire.


5 KV V. Procurement and Commissioning of Metal Clad Switchgears 13 SWITCHGEARS Medium and Low Voltage Low voltage metal enclosed switchgear is available through 38. Engineering. Applications and features include:  Automatic parallel generator control  PLC controlled functions  Insulated and segregated bus  Microprocessor based protection .


Switchgears Security 13 SWITCHGEARS SAFETY .


Some of the custom features include:  PLC Controls  Marshalling Cabinets  Micro process based metering & Protection  Solid state starters  Solid state soft starts  Variable frequency drives  Customs wiring Schemes Custom Medium Voltage Reduced Voltage Motor Control . Custom arrangements with transition to switchgear and bus duct are available. Motor Control Centers 18 MOTOR CONTROL CENTERS Low and Medium Voltage Motor Controls are available.


Last Delivery Products MCC & CDP 14 DELIVERY PRODUCTS MCC & CDP .


Power Transformers & Substations 14 TACOA POWER PLANT .

. Packaged Substation Including Switchgear. Substations 29 UNIT SUBSTATIONS Complete unit substations are available. SCR Drives Transformer and Motor Control Center Add to an existing substation The usage of mobile substations are used in emergency situations and natural disasters. Almost any type of equipment can be designed and packaged for complete system installation. including installation and start up. where it is necessary to restore the power supply to customers who have suffered unpredictable events.

Power Transformers & Substations 14 400 KV SE. CRU POWER CIRCUIT BREAKERS REPLACEMENTS .

Power Transformers & Substations 14 400 KV SE. CRU POWER CIRCUIT BREAKERS REPLACEMENTS .


Oil Reclaiming and Conditioning 21 OIL RECLAIMING AND CONDITIONING Mobil Plants Series CMM-P for reclaiming with fuller earth Elimination of soluble substances and acids Dry with simultaneous oil purification-dehydration up to 5ppm Filtration with or without heating to guarantee the obtaining of oils corresponding to class 9 of industrial purity (-15/12 according ISO 4406 and nominal filtration finesse up to 0.1% Rise of disruptive voltage up to 70KV Initial Fill up of transformers Vacuum Application to transformers and other equipment's Capacities from 1000 up to 10.000 liters per hour .5-1 um Degasification up to 0.

Mobil Machine for Dielectric Oil Reclaiming 19 MOBIL MACHINE FOR DIELECTRIC OIL RECLAIMING .

Oil Reclaiming and Conditioning 21 OIL RECLAIMING AND CONDITIONING .

Oil Reclaiming and Conditioning 26 OIL RECLAIMING AND CONDITIONING Portable Plants series CMM-A: Vacuum Column Portable Plants series CMM-B: Water and Gas Elimination using thermal vacuum Portable Plants series CMM-F Diesel. . acids and alkalis. insulated and industrial oils (with maximum viscosity of 70 cSt at 50 C) of solid particles. Portable Plants series CMM-F (CFY) Portable Plants series CMM-F (BF) Portable Plants series CMM-C Portable Plants series CMM-Y with single block structure Absorbent cartridges module Plants series WSC: Zeolite dry and WSC for a deep dehydration of transformers oil. free and dissolved water. etc.


grounding and lighting protection  Communication and alarm systems . Power Plants 24 PLANT ELECTRICAL SYSTEMS APFELBAUM provides the full spectrum of electrical systems for any industrial Power Plant requirements. This ranges from medium and low voltage switchgear to static frequency converters and transformers.  Transformers  High. inverters and batteries  Change over devices  Drivers and static frequency converters  Emergency power supply  Cabling and tray systems  Lighting. measurement and control  Rectifiers. medium and low voltage switch-gear  Generator circuit breakers and Bus-ducts  Unit and auxiliary protection  Synchronizing. metering.

S. maintaining high availability of their processes.V. Pneumatic Panels and Modular Buildings. Some sector solutions mentioned below: I. CBS. Power Plant 24 SWITCHGEAR PRODUCTION Apfelbaum. de C. CCGT Control (AGC) Sales. Electrical. we have enabled our customers in both the public and private sectors. Hydropower  Concentrators information V.: It is the leading International Producer/designer of Switchgear. Vacuum Circuit Breaker Retrofit In ii. Disconnecting Switches i. transmission and distribution of energy. CCM’S for: Quality IV. iv. Geothermal  Vibration Monitoring VI. Different Spare parts for circuit v. Metal Clad Switchgear  electrical protection  UTRs II. having served Industry on 5 continents.A. Turbo-gás  Automatic Generation Joint Venture with Circuit Breaker iii. Substations  Repowering of breakers hydroelectric  Intelligent Instrumentation and analogous  Cruise controls  Voltage Regulators . Low Voltage Switchgears  SCADA / DCS  Measurement and Power III. Inc. We Manufacture and Assembly: The production facilities is a company with experience in implementing solutions for the areas of generation. equipment and control systems through technology.

In additions. and instrumentation systems to meet the sophisticated requirements of modern industry. control. Close communication exists between design and manufacturing personnel with emphasis on QUALITY ASSURANCE Equipment is designed to client requirements and in accordance with industry standards as well as relevant state. demands extraordinary engineering proficiency. Apfelbaum engineers posses exemplary skills in design and application engineering. they are client oriented toward economy and efficiency. Our Promise to You 28 OUR PROMISE TO YOU ENGINEERING Where value engineering takes on a new meaning! Designing diversified power. local or utility requirements Unrelenting attention to reliability and quality on all components Exhaustive quality inspection of metal fabrication and finishing. wiring and piping . enabling us to furnish top quality equipment at attractive prices. equipment assembly.

Coordination with clients for special in-plant tests. commissioning & start-up. Our Promise to You 28 OUR PROMISE TO YOU EQUIPMENT TESTING Thorough factory testing of equipment and systems certify integrity to shipment. The depth of engineering staff insures the availability and response of personnel in situations of critical timing . . FIELD SERVICE Apfelbaum offers clients World-Wide field supervision. also equipment testing and calibration.

Lapp. pole strain Carriers. SEL . Bushings for switches and transformers – Lapp Cast iron Pole Line Hardware. Power Transformers – Brandon & Clark.Diesel/gas turbines & combined Mitsubishi Substations (fixed & mobile) – API. Hydra-Tension. hydraulic cutters. Mitsubishi. Basler. Hot Stick Tension pullers. anchor tools. distribution strain carriers MW Santana. cycle Roller Link Sticks. spiral. AREVA y – Apfelbaum. ABB. Ferranti Live-Line equipment – AB Chance: Strain. Caterpillar – Diesel and gas generators Hardware for transmission & distribution – Detroit Diesel – Diesel and gas generators BURNDY. and accessories. Adjustable Strain poles. Lewis. Mfg. Transformers. lewis.Sediver. Mfg. Cembre. Virginia cycle Disconnecting Switches and Cut-outs – API. Anderson. yokes. function relays – Beckwith Electric. etc. Line of products 53 LINE OF PRODUCTS EQUIPMENT FOR ELECTRIC GENERATORS General Electric – Diesel/gas turbines & Voltran. Morpac. Mahendra. y Brandon & Clark Kawasaki – Diesel/gas turbines and combined Line Gear. S&C. Santa Teresina. fiberglass Deutz –Diesel and gas generators pedestal) –Ritz. telescoping and combined cycle Potential & Current transformers (donut & disconnecting tools. Siemens. Siemens.Combined cycle turbines up to 35 Ceramic & Glass insulators . Electric. Allis. two Fincantieri. suspension Hitachi and Mitsubishi – Diesel/gas turbines insulator tools. Equipment for protection of generators & multi- Virginia Transformers. Bethea. Bhetea. Emek construction products. Hubbell. Preformed Generac – Diesel and gas generators Line Products. ARL. insulator cradles. GE. Equipment & accessories for aerial cable routing combined cycle SF6 Gas Switches – ABB.

. Concerns? 56 QUESTIONS. COMMENTS.  Apfelbaum Industrial can meet this demand and supply the finest services available in this competitive marketplace. Questions. Comments. CONCERNS?  Apfelbaum Industrial –We clearly understand that clients need to find first-class partners with whom to work.

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