Au Bon Pain

Case Study
Anushree Nalgundwar (H16009)
Arghya Banerjee (H16010)
Arushi Paliwal (H16011)

Srishti Ranjan (H16051)

Situation Analysis Au Bon Pain is a French bakery/ sandwich café with a centralized production unit • ABP encountered ‘the cycle of failure’ • Partner/ Manager program – • Continuing crew labor shortage • Shortage of associate managers • Output oriented • Inability to attract and retain high • Increased stability by reducing quality management candidates turnover • Inadequately trained management • Quality control through mystery staff shoppers. and white glove • District managers focused only on inspections following up day to day activities • Compensation system pre partner/manager program  base pay + volume adjustment • Post Partner/ Manager program  compensation dependent on base salary + share of incremental profits .

Problem Statement Is the program sufficient to address the objectives of incremental profit and reduced turnover Is the data from the pilot conclusive enough ? ◦ Chosen people are career oriented ◦ Summer (no labour shortage) ◦ Equipment within levels of operational efficiency ◦ Personality match with district managers If rolled out. motivation of shift supervisors ? . will it address issues like career management.

Options & Decision Criteria Potential for Attraction of Right Scope for Risk of failure incremental profit talent Managerial intervention Roll out (Partial/ High High Low High complete) Scrap the program Low Low High Low .

profit.lower the stakes.Recommendations & Action Plan Selective roll out | Evaluate results and decide future course of action Defining selection criteria for managers and stores  leading to nominations Gestation period. customer satisfaction Charting a career path for best performing managers Burn out rate: personal choice *No tangible benefits envisaged by reducing turnover as its an industry wide issue . provide support Post roll out evaluation Observe data for attrition.

SELECTION CRITERIA Selection criteria for Managers Selection criteria for Stores  Past records of performance  Assessing managerial traits and Axis of evaluating Store performance competencies as identified by  Operational Efficiency senior management and correlates  Relative Market share with superior performance in these roles .