Re-Imagining Crotonville

Epicentre of GE’s Leadership Culture

Group 7



there is need for enhancing learning at all levels across the GE business around the globe  with specific focus on enabling leaders to work well in times of ambiguity and uncertainty . with huge power decentralization among its numerous Business units across 171 countries  That diverse and disparate collection of employees needs to function as one So GE relies on Crotonville to instil consistent values across its Situation management echelon Analysis  GE prides itself in spending over a billion dollars annually in developing leaders – with focus on future outlook  Although the course has undergone changes.  The organization is massive .

Re-imagine the “Crotonville Experience” in order to :  Drive learning to enable leaders of tomorrow to handle the VUCA world  Enable GE employees across the globe to partake in the experience. irrespective of distance and geographies Problem  Help redefine the growth values of Statement  External focus  Clear thinker  Imagination and courage  Inclusiveness  Expertise .

Strengths Weakness • Clarity of goals: based on Growth • Learning is focused on physical Values & set of leadership principles environment: No means for employee to interact with each other • Open environment & Egalitarian community: Everyone can contribute • Hectic curriculum gives no time to Current and voice their opinion employees to reflect on and understand the clear objective Learning • Curriculum focused on action learning project: incorporation of real time • Need to incorporate changing market Structure challenges in course scenario like global economy and growth of emerging markets. geo- • Exhaustive & Inclusive Courses: political and business changes Multiple Initiatives for different functions and roles • Need to update Growth values to incorporate macro-economic factors • Continuous refinement to reach strategic goals: Initiatives such as • No significant changes in the basic Ecomagination & Healthymagination structure of the curriculum .

Nomination based: to reinforce egalitarian culture 4) Emphasis on dynamism to deal with complex and uncertain environment  via Simulation etc. 5) Building conducive transfer climate in order to keep the sanctity of Crotonville experience intact even after the updated training programme . 1) Inclusion of more employees and requirements :  Emphasis on digital learning  Replicate centres around the world 2) Wider range of courses : To cater to changing scenario and unpredicted external environment Recommendation 3) Need based vs.

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