• Job Analysis is detailed and systematic study of jobs to know the nature and characteristics of people to be employed for each job. responsibilities and conditions that are different from those of other work assignments. Job Analysis • A job may be defined as an assignment of work. a set of duties. • It has two components: • Job description & • Job Specification .

Determining Job Requirements .

Job analysis Process How to Identify Who will Preparation conduct Strategic Training Documentation Job conduct of job Data Developing job decision of job . verification & analysis job analysis collection JS & JD analysis making analyst review purpose analysis? process process? .

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memory. reporting to and of employees. level of experience. job location. responsibilities involved in a job and other unusual sensory demands. nature and objectives of a job. • It also includes general health. tasks and duties to be performed. intelligence. emotional ability. physical. adaptability. aptitude. mental health. JD • It includes information such as job title. leadership skills. Job specification & Job description • basic job-related data that is useful to advertise a specific job and attract a pool of talent. job summary. manners and creativity. specific qualities. flexibility. . emotional. working conditions. etc. values and ethics. technical and JS communication skills required to perform a job. machines. • It is a written statement of educational qualifications. judgment. tools and equipment's to be used by a prospective worker and hazards involved in it.

• Hazards . JOB ANALYSIS A process of obtaining all pertinent job facts Job Specification Job Description • Education • Job Title • Experience • Location • Training • Job summary • Initiative • Duties • Physical effort • Machine tools etc • Responsibilities • Material etc • Communication skills • Supervision • Emotional characteristics • Working condition • Unusual sensory sight etc.

Job Analysis: A Basic Human Resource Management Tool Staffing Tasks Responsibilities Duties Training and Development Performance Appraisal Compensation Job Descriptions Safety and Health Job Employee and Labor Analysis Job Relations Specifications Legal Considerations Knowledge Skills Abilities .



Use of Job Analysis Information Job description and Job Specification Recruiting Salary Training Performance & & & Appraisal Selection Wages Develop Career Health & Employee Planning Safety Discipline .