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By Beni Cobb
The Frampton Club House
The Frampton club house
is primarily where most of
the filming will take place
as it contains all the
essentials for our
production. For example it
contains a football pitch,
goals, training facilities,
changing rooms. The
clubhouse will be primarily
where interviews will take
place which is in the chill
Frampton Playing Fields
At the Frampton ground there are several football pitches that we can use for
filming the training sessions and several of the interviews that are taking place.
The fields are easy to access which will make it easy to use for our filming when
with the group of actors. As most of our filming will take place outside on the field
we will make sure that it is a sunny day so the lighting is bright which connotes a
happy mood which compliments the comedic genre.
Other Roads Around Frampton
There are a few other roads around the frampton area which we might use for
filming such as the signpost that says “Frampton Club Members Only”. There are
also some roads we can use for panning shots and filler shots which will help
make the mockumentary flow better.