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Chapter 6

Market Segmentation and the Marketing
Mix: Determinants of Advertising Strategy

William F. Arens Michael F. Weigold Christian Arens
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Charles Finney (1792-1875) .

Chapter Overview How marketers use behavioral characteristics to cluster perspective customers into market segments 6-3 .

Psychographic Segmentation MindBase finds shared patterns of behavior 6-4 .

000  Is a college graduate who is a professional  Is white. upper lower class.000 .$100. Segmentation Profile Our customer is:  Male who lives in the East  In an urban city of 1 million people  Young. ambitious  Sports minded and brand conscious 6-5 . married (ages 35-49) with a child  Annual income between $50.

Q. Explain the relationship between advertising and the Place element of the marketing mix. . 6.