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Part I

greenpencils ltd
P. O. Box 44976—00200 NAIROBI, KENYA
Tel: +254 (0)722330637/723670242

Who we are
 Established in 2012

 At Greenpencils Ltd, we believe in providing practical and responsible
solutions that benefit future generations and sustainability of our planet.

 We manufacture high quality customized HB pencils made from recycled
newspapers. As a result we safeguard the environment and create
employment in the process, not just to anyone but the youth, women and
people living with disability.

 We also manufacture Infinity Road Studs and its bonding agent - a first
time invention in Kenya by a Kenyan company. It’s design introduces
global specs to the Kenyan road user with its super high reflective strip
and compression strength that exceeded 40 tons.

 We are therefore not only a responsible company but also a Kenyan
Company motivated by profit to make the world a better place than we
found it.

How it all began .

First Venture .

Problem: Waste Management .

Our Products  Product 1 Pencils  Product 2 Road Studs .

Product 1: Green Pencils • Safe • Eco-Friendly • Customizable • Affordable • Durable .

Our Solution  Reducing need to cut down trees  Reduce litter  Provide basic writing tool  Make private branding easier & affordable  Create employment  Eco-friendly product .

.Addressable Market  Kenya imports over 150million pencils every year.  Corporates in pursuit of Marketing communication tools to enhance brand visibility.  Opportunities presented by reality of Climate change.

Product 2: Infinity Road studs Enhancing night driving while providing advance road warnings .

How many more lives shall we lose before we do something about this? .Every driver’s nightmare. The strain and the danger of poor visibility when it rains and/or at night.

The Problem  Over 80% of road traffic road accidents occur at night. bituminous bonding is effective for about 3 to 4 months only.  Not practical to install street lights in every road network  Imported road studs are costly and do not usually justify their quality.5% of the road accidents.  The road networks do not have adequate advance road warning systems.  Every year in low-income and middle-income countries. an amount that could be used for development. despite the reduced traffic flow at this time. . road traffic accidents cost at least $65 billion.  On a busy road.  Human error accounts for 85.

i. the RS-10 Project. . OUR OBJECTIVE To provide road studs that not only exceed the highest international standards but also introduce advance road warning solutions further enhancing road safety in line with the UN Decade of Action for Road Safety.e.

Our Solution  Durability.  Job creation.  Practical homegrown solution. 10 countries are responsible for 48% of road traffic deaths and Kenya is on of them .  Value for money  Vandal-proof. NOTE: Globally.  Easy and fast installation.


Benefits.Taxes b) The people . i) The bottom line is creation of wealth to: a) Government .Wealth .Jobs c) Entrepreneur .

ii) Entrepreneurialism often requires the skills and labour of many hands. As a thriving business grows so do the opportunities for others and the cumulative impact of new start-ups in a particular geographical area .

-73% encourage their employees to volunteer. iii) Redistribution of new found wealth back to charities and local community ventures According to Harris Interactive and Ernst & Young Survey: -90% of entrepreneurs donate money -70% donate their time -62% say giving back makes their companies more successful in the long run. -62% want to be recognized for their charity work. and -53% offer programs that encourage donating. -29% made grants based on how charities’ causes align with their companies’. -26% say corporate philanthropy was built in to the original business plans. -43% believe corporate citizenship helps attract and retain talent. .

an entrepreneur can drive competition in the market. .iv) Necessity is the mother of invention and perhaps innovation is its older sibling. By finding a solution to a problem.

v) Success breeds success. and once one entrepreneur has flourished in a given market more often than not another businessman or woman looks to enjoy their own slice of the pie. .

Impact of Entrepreneurship Summary Economic Growth Increased Job Competition Creation Entrepreneurship Innovation Philanthropy .

corruption and even fraud  iii) Unemployment – old establishments rendered redundant by new entrants . unfair pricing.Not all entrepreneurs are environment conscious  ii) Government control – manifests itself in monopolies.Drawbacks  i) Misuse of natural resources .

ke .ke  Tel: +254 722 330 637  Web: E-Mail:  ivan@greenpencilsltd.greenpencilsltd.