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Brick masonry is the process of

constructing a building from individual
bricks laid in a specific pattern and bound
together by mortar.

Flemish bond.1. Stretcher bond 2. Header bond 3. English bond 4. .

this is the only practical bond which can be used on a wall of this thickness to break the vertical continuity ½ brick bat is provided in alternating courses. Only used for walls of half brick thickness (partition wall) . .

set in rows that are offset ¾ of a brick in alternating courses. . which produces a solid easy to lay bond. It is composed of header bricks. Header Bond also known as (Spanish bond) was a very common bond for bearing walls.

 The strongest bond  This bond maximizes the strength of wall  Pattern on the face of the wall shows distinctive courses of headers & stretchers. .

.Decorative pattern on face of the wall shows alternate headers & stretchers in each with the headers centered under and over stretchers in adjacent courses.

Effect of Aging on Brick-Work:  Rain Exposure  Temperature  Moisture Absorption  Chemical Alteration  Continuous Exposure to Chemical .

 Poor quality of bricks For masonry work.  Improper curing.  The position of the element in the structure.  Lack of strength at corner and at junction of walls.  Entered dampness from ground.  Atmospheric pollutions. .  Differential loading.  High daily temperature variations. roof and exterior faces.  Plumb alignment.  Weak mortar.  Improper binding of thick walls.  Insufficient bond.

 In brick masonry mortar joints are thin and hence construction cost is reduced considerably.  It is easy to form openings for doors and windows.  Dead load of brick masonry is less. it do not need skilled labour for the construction. .  Bricks are light in weight and hence handling them is easy.  Brick masonry has better fire and weather resistance compared to stone masonry. Since shape and size of bricks are uniform.

 Durability of brick masonry is less. .  Brick masonry absorbs water and there are possibility of dampness. Strength of brick masonry is less than that of stone masonry.  More architectural effects can be given in stone masonry compared to that in brick masonry.