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Module 4

Grade 11 Career Guidance Module




Total Time Allotment:

90 minutes

Materials Needed:
Activity Sheets
reflection notebook
ball pen
At the end of this module, you are expected to:

a. discuss the role of parents, guardians and

significant others in pursuing their preferred
profession, vocation or future;
b. evaluate the abilities, skills, role of parents,
guardians and significant others in deciding
for profession and vocation; and
c. express commitment to pursue the chosen
Walk to Remember

1. Read the statements that

will be flashed.
2. Line up to the column of
your choice.
Column 1 - Yes (if you
agree with the statement).
Column 2 - No (if you
disagree with the
Your parents/guardians
sparks your motivation in
discovering your passion.
Your parents/guardians
give direction and
guidance in choosing a
career path.
Your parents/guardians
give worries from their
unrealistic expectations
that may cause failures.
Your parents/guardians
influence you on your
career outlook.
Your parents/guardians
influenced you of their
ideas or views that
existed during their days.
Your parents/guardians
are interested in your
well-being and success.
Your parents/guardians
have the best
knowledge of your
interests and abilities.
Your parents/guardians
spend time with you in
cultivating your career
interests and
Your parents/guardians
say that they know best
when it comes to the
right career you have to
Your parents/guardians
have less time or no
time at all in answering
your queries about
career choices.
1. How did you feel about the

2. Do you think you are getting

enough support from your
parents/guardians regarding
your career choices? Why
do you say so?
Heres another activity for you

Feet Me Right

1. Answer the questions inside the drawn feet

provided in Activity Sheet 1.
2. Compare your answers with that of your
Heres how Activity Sheet 1 looks like
Anong kurso
Anong kurso ang gusto
ang gusto mong kunin ng
mong kunin? iyong anak?

Bakit ito ang kursong

Bakit ito ang gusto mo para sa
gusto mo?
iyong anak?

Mga Katanungan Para sa Mga

Mga Katanungan Para sa Mag-aaral Magulang

Panuto: Sagutin ang mga Panuto: Sagutin ang mga

Sapat ba ang Sapat ba ang
katanungan na napapaloob sa katanungan na napapaloob sa
abilidad at abilidad at
bawat kahon. Isulat ang inyong bawat kahon. Isulat ang inyong
kakayahan mo kakayahan ng
sagot sa loob pa rin ng kahon. sagot sa loob pa rin ng kahon.
upang makamtan anak mo upang
ang kursong makamtan niya
ang kursong
gusto mo?
gusto mo?
1. Do you have similar answer with that
of your parents?

2. How do you feel about it?

3. If your answer is no and you feel sad

about it, how do you plan to resolve
1. Show a short video about Estudyante, nalilito sa pipiliing kurso sa kolehiyo
Processing Questions:
a. Who among you can relate
with what is shown in the
b. Do you think
parents/guardians have big
roles in the pursuit of your
career choice?
Mga Gampanin ng Magulang
sa Pagpili ng Karera

Other than the roles of parents you have

identified, experts say that there are other
roles that your parents can fulfill in support
of your career choice.
Accomplish Activity Sheet No. 2.
Mga Gampanin ng Magulang sa Pagpili ng Karera

1. Kukunin ko/namin ang tiwala ng

aking/aming at gaganyakin ko/namin ang
aking/aming anak upang pag-usapan ang
kanyang mga katanungan tungkol sa
2. Maglalaan ako/kami ng panahon upang
pag-usapan ang mga mahahalagang bagay
tungkol sa karera ng aking/aming anak.
3. Tutulungan ko/namin ang aking/aming
anak na matuklasan ang kanyang silakbo
ng damdamin (passion), interes at
kakayahan pagdating sa pagpili ng karera.
4. Hihikayatin ko/namin ang aking/aming
anak na magsaliksik patungkol sa napiling
karera sa pamamagitan ng pakikipag-usap
sa mga taong may kaparehong kurso at
5. Kikilalanin ko/namin ang kalakasan,
kakayahan at kahinaan ng aking/aming
anak at susuportahan ko/namin siya sa
kanyang magiging desisyon.
6. Hihimukin ko/namin ang aking/aming
anak na tuklasin ang ibat ibang karera na
pwedeng pagpipilian na nakabatay sa
kanyang kakayahan, kalakasan at interes.
7. Magpaplano ako/kami kasama ang aming
anak sa posibleng hakbang na gagawin
kung hindi kayang tustusan ang karerang
8. Susuportahan ko/namin ang aking/aming
anak sa karerang napili sa pamamagitan
ng pagpapalakas ng kanyang loob na
kakayanin niya ang anumang hamong
Naintindihan ko/namin ang mga gampanin ko/namin
bilang magulang/guardian ni
______________________ at sumusuporta ako/kami
sa paglinang ng kanyang karera.

Pangalan at Lagda ng Magulang/mga Magulang/Guardians

Pangalan at Lagda ng Mag-aaral
Provide a copy of Activity Sheet No. 3
Career Choice and Career Support
Checklist to the learners found in the
appendices section. Let them accomplish
the questionnaire.
Discuss the results of the survey by
answering the following questions.
Do you think you were able to get 100%
support of your parents with regards to your
career choice and curriculum exit? How many
did you answer Strongly Agree and Agree?
How many did you answer Strongly Disagree
or Disagree?
What does the result say about the support of
your parents/guardians? Do you think the list
of roles of parents in your career choice and
curriculum exit enough?
If not, can you point out another role of
parents in terms of career choice and
curriculum exit support?
What does the result say about your abilities
and skills? Do you think you are equipped with
all the factors needed (your abilities and skills
and your parents/guardians support) to
sustain your preferred career? Justify your
V. Application (5 minutes)
Prepare a creative presentation for the following situation. It could be
in a form of role play, poster, interpretive dance or a song.

If you were given

chance to act as
parent, what do
you think are your
roles in terms of
career path of your

What might be the causes of disagreement

between the child and the parents in terms of
choosing a right career path?
Is the support of parent in choosing the right
career path important for you as an
individual? Justify your answer.
Accomplish the following task
Most Significant Learning From The
What significant insights have you gained
through this module?
Are the support of your parents or
significant others in your life very important
in setting direction for your career path?

Pledge of Commitment
Fill in the pledge of commitment provided in
Activity Sheet No. 4.
Recite the pledge together with other
Activity Sheet No. 4

I _____________________________ do hereby solemnly
pledge and commit myself to sustain my abilities and interest of my career choice.
I promise to engage my energy, resources and strength in pursuing my own success.
I promise to pursue high academic standards and will always strive to get good grades.
When I encounter obstacles that affect my career choice, I promise to talk to my
parents/guardians and teachers. I will never give up.
I promise to (express your commitment to pursue your chosen track/strand)
I impose upon myself this commitment without mental reservation or purpose of
So help me God.

________________________________ __________________________________________
Name & Signature of Student Name & Signature of Parents/Guardians
1. Secure a copy of Mga Gampanin ng
Magulang sa Pagpili ng Karera. This is
Activity Sheet No. 2.

a. Let your parents read thoroughly the

Roles of Parents.
b. At the bottom of the paper, let them
affix their signature.
c. Return the signed paper next meeting.
2. For Pledge of Commitment, let your
parents affix their signature on the blank
3. Interview professionals who are
successful in the community with similar
career of your choice. You may ask the
following questions. (You may add more
questions for your interview.)
a. Why did you choose to pursue your
b. Did your parents support you in your
decision to pursue that career?
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