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Yolax Infranergy Pvt Ltd

Presenting Energy Audit Services

About Us-

Yolax Infranergy Private Limited is an ISO 9001:2008 and OHSAS 18001:2007 Certified
Company. The company is professionally managed with involvement of highly qualified and
experienced professionals in various field of operations in Industry and Infrastructure. Over the
four decades of experience into various energy and other related operation & maintenance
services prompted us to venture into total Energy related consulting solutions separately. Yolax
Infranergy Pvt. Ltd,an consulting solutions vertical to provide services in the field of Railways,
infrastructures , Industries, process improvement, cost reduction ,energy, safety, environment
and education fields. A highly qualified team of experts in these areas are associated with Yolax
Infranergy Pvt.Ltd ,who prepares best business solution for our clients.
Our Core Services
Railway Consultancy
Energy Efficiency & Energy Audit Services
Power Cost Reduction
Education Consulting
Captive Power Plant
Health, Safety & Environment
Maintenance Management Audit
Construction & PMC
We are railway approved contractors/ consultants for all the railway related work
services in PAN India. Yolax core railway consultancy work is included for railway
planning, railway liaisoning, operations, economics, management, strategy
,training, industrial rail services, short line operations, transload services,
mechanical services, rail car storage, engineering and track service. A complete
consultancy services for private siding on Indian railways.
Yolax infra energy PVT. Ltd, an energy solutions vertical to provide services
in the field of cost reduction in industry through energy efficiency
improvement, use of renewable energy , process improvement in industry
and energy audit. A highly qualified and experienced team of experts in this
area are associated with Yolax Infranergy Pvt.Ltd.
Yolax have team of specialized people having more than 40 years of vast
experience in the field of fire safety, environment, health , safety and
hygiene. Yolax team is equipped with qualified safety professionals offer
you peace of mind by providing a one stop solution for all your
environmental, health and safety, training and consultancy services. The
team members have been awarded by the American society of safety and
engineering (ASSE) for their dedicated work and performance.
Yolax Infranergy group provide a range of school consultancy services
designed to address and overcome the key obstacles to outstanding
performance. Our professional education consultants offers objective and
detailed advice on differences in curriculums and systems by offering offer
unique and tailored consultancy services in all aspects of Indian education
Our construction consultants team provides you with detailed analysis and
designing services for building, bridges, highways, water treatment plants
and railroads. Our team of experts works after complete detailed study and
environmental factors for the project site.
Yolax, dedicated team identifies and delivers solutions to reduce cost of
energy by researching available resource and relevant policies of
government. By understanding our clients requirements we align our advice
and recommendations with their physical requirement and risk appetite. The
whole concept starts from energy audit.
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