The PNG Government and the people in the Ok Tedi region had
welcomed the development of the mine because of its economic and
social benefits. Even after the examination /analysis of the
environmental impacts and recommendations from international
communities, the World Bank and NGOs for the closure of the mine, the
PNG Government is very reluctant to close the mine earlier than 2010.

UTILITARIAN Actions and policies should be evaluated on the basis of the benefits and costs they will impose on society Ethical • Revenue for national government • Job opportunities • Fly River Development Trust .

MORAL RIGHT AND HUMAN RIGHT JUDGEMENT Approach asserts that human beings have fundamental rights and liberties that cannot be taken away by an individual’s decision Unethical • Effect of dieback • Fish in river decline • Causing illness and death .

RECOMMENDATION • designing a stable waste rock dump which would prevent that waste flowing into the river system • operation of two small underground mines .