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Lets Get Physical

Selected Scripture
"I pray that you may enjoy
good health and that all may
go well with you even as your
soul is getting along well."
(3 John 2)
God wants you
to be healthy

"Therefore honor
God with your
(1 Cor. 6.20)
To honor means you use your body
for God's glory and you honor Him,
and you take care of it.
I. Develop A Healthy
Attitude Toward Your
Body (Prov. 23:7)
Unhealthy Attitudes
* You can reject your body
Unhealthy Attitudes
* You can perfect your body
Unhealthy Attitudes
* You can neglect your body
Healthy attitudes:
respect it and protect it.
Psalm 139:14
II. Motivate Yourself To
Why should I
take better care
of my body?
Physical Reasons:
* I'll feel better.

* I'll look better.

* I'll live longer.

Spiritual Reasons:
1. God made my body. Psalm
Spiritual Reasons:
2. Jesus paid
for my body.
1 Cor. 6:19-20
Spiritual Reasons:

3. The Holy
Spirit lives in
my body. 1
Cor. 3:16
III. Follow God's Laws Of
Health (partial list)
"Pay attention to
my words ... they
are health to a
man's whole
body. (Prov. 4:20-22 )
1. Maintain your ideal weight
"Each of you
should learn to
control his own
body in a way
that is holy and
honorable." 1
Thess. 4:4
2. Balance your diet
"Everything is
permissible for me -- but
I will not be mastered by
anything. Food is for the
stomach ... but God will
eventually destroy them
1 Cor. 6:12-13
"Do not eat animal fat. (Lev. 3:17)
"Don't eat too much sugar. (Prov 25:27

Other ref: 1 Cor. 10:31, Dan. 1:8-16

A poem -- A Dieter's Poem
Lord, grant me the strength
that I may not fall
Into the clutches of
At polyunsaturates, I'll
never mutter
For the road to hell is paved
with butter
A poem -- A Dieter's Poem
And cake is cursed and
cream is awful and Satan is
hiding in every waffle.
Beelzebub is a chocolate
drop and Lucifer is a
A poem -- A Dieter's Poem
Teach me the evils of
hollandaise, of pasta and
gobs of mayonnaise
And crisp fried chicken from
the south.
Lord, if you love me, shut
my mouth!
3. Commit yourself to a regular
exercise program

"Physical exercise has some value..."

1 Tim. 4:8
"I beat myself into shape" (1 Cor.
Common Excuse:
"I don't have the

Mistake: Overdo
it at the start
4. Get enough sleep and rest
"In vain you rise up
early and stay up
late." Ps. 127:2

"... God wants his

loved ones to get
their rest." (LB)
Mark 6:30-32
5. Live in harmony with God
"A heart at peace is life to the
body." (Prov. 14:30)
"Make a decisive dedication
of your bodies as a living
sacrifice, devoted and well-
pleasing to God..."
Romans 12: 1 (Williams Trans.)