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Characteris tic Des cription

Wind ows Multiple wind ows allo w different info rmation to b e

displayed s imultaneous ly o n th e u sers s creen .
Icons Icons differen t types of in formation. On s ome sys tems ,
icons repres en t files; on o thers, ico ns repres en t
pro cess es .
Menus Comman ds are selected from a menu rather than typ ed
in a comman d langu age.
Po intin g A pointing device s uch as a mou se is us ed for s electing
choices from a men u or indicating items of interes t in a
wind ow.
Graphics Graphical elemen ts can be mixed with text on the same
: The design should keep users informed of actions or
interpretations, changes of state or condition, and errors or exceptions that are
relevant and of interest to the user through clear, concise, and unambiguous
language familiar to users.
A good interface makes it easy for users to tell the computer what they
want to do, for the computer to request information from the users, and for the
computer to present understandable information. Clear communication between
the user and the computer is the working premise of good UI design.
Cost savings of usability testing.
For commercial organizations, greater usability leads
to increased sales and greater competitive advantage.
For non-profits, conversion rates (e.g. transforming a casual user
to a signed-up and engaged user) are still important: a resource that
addresses the needs of its users is more likely to lead to greater use
and (repeated) engagement.
Reduce support costs.
Increased user engagement in design This can lead to more user-
focused resources which in turn can increase a resources impact.
Impact important consideration when creating funding applications.
It can be user-friendly and speed up the user's work.
It can be more attractive for non-technical people.
In general, it looks more professional (but this does not mean it is always the
best solution).
When it is not properly built, it can be very difficult to work with.
It generally requires more memory resources than a non-graphical
It might require the installation of additional software, e.g., the
"runtime environment" in the case of java.
Depending on the programmer, it might require more time to be