Building a Class Website with Weebly


Kristi Veitenheimer - Aug. 2010

Let·s look at a few examples. My website at Webs: †

Brainstorm features of your webpage.
Blog section? Links to student game and activity sites? Links to documents? Showcase student work/projects? Widgets? Teacher resource page to share links/lesson plans? About Me section? Contact Me section?

Step 1: Let·s get started!
Register at

Other choices:

Registration «
Remember to keep your web address short and simple so that you and others can easily remember it!

Step 2: Choose design for site.

Step 3: Add content to Homepage.

Let¶s look at some of your options for content «

Options for Content «
Basic Elements:

Options continued «
Multimedia Elements:

And more options «

Let¶s quickly look at Layout, Fun, Misc., and Forms also.

Layout, Fun, Misc., & Forms

Back to adding content «
Then enter title, text, and image.

Step 4: Add pages.

Managing pages «

Now it·s time to get busy!
Let·s work on:
Adding a page and naming it Writing a blog entry Inserting a video Inserting a photo Inserting a utility from the web using HTML code Inserting a widget

Now it·s your job to create your own website.
A few tips: Start simple and get comfortable. Try to add one new piece of content each week. Involve your students in taking photos, videos, etc. Look through the following lists for help and resources. Email or call me if you need assistance.
- Windthorst Elementary † †

General sites for help
‡10 Tips for an A+ Classroom Website @ ‡Creating a Classroom Website @ ‡What you wanted to KNOW about blogging! @ %3A+TheEdublogger+%28The+Edublogger%29 ‡Add A Visitor Tracking Widget To Your Blog Sidebar @ 3A+TheEdublogger+%28The+Edublogger%29

Free Clipart Resources (check requirements for each site)
‡Clip Art 101 @ ‡Clipart @ ‡Public domain images @ ‡Clip Art for Teachers @ ‡School Clip Art @ ‡FREE EDUCATIONAL CLIP ART @ ‡Hasslefree Clipart @ ‡Pics4Learning @

Games and Activities Resources
‡Elementary Web Sites @ ‡Game Goo @ ‡Interactive Math, Science, & Social Studies @ ‡E-learning for Kids @ ‡Great Kids Websites @ ‡Primary Games @ ‡Grade Level Skills Help @ ‡Student Search Engine & Information site @ ‡K-5 Computer Lab Activities @

Resources for Widgets
‡Google Gadgets For Your Webpage @ ‡Widgetbox @ ‡Queen of Widgets @ ‡50 Great Widgets @ ‡Blogging Tips & Widgets @ d%3A+TheEdublogger+%28The+Edublogger%29 ‡Flag Counter @

Additional class sites to check out
‡The Teacher¶s Desk @ ‡Cool Classroom Pages @ ‡Mr. Cosand¶s 5th Grade @ ‡Classroom Web Pages for K-2 @ ‡Mrs. Matthew¶s Reading Room for 5th @ ‡Mrs. Lowe¶s Class @ ‡Mrs. Bunyi Class Website @ ‡Traci Blazoski¶s Class @

Miscellaneous Resources
‡Word Clouds ‡Tagul @ ‡Wordle @ ‡Wordsift @ ‡TagCrowd @ ‡Automotivator ± poster making @ ‡TubeChop ± edit YouTube videos @ ‡Daily Dose of the Web @ ‡Top Ten Web Tools @ ‡Free Quotes Slides @ ‡Create Debate @

Misc. resources continued «
‡Live Polls @ ‡Answer Garden @ ‡Cool Tools for School @ ‡Video Tools @ ‡Misc. Tools @ ‡Voki ± talking avatars @ ‡Yodio ± add voice to photos @ ‡PhotoPeach ± slideshow generator @ ‡Videos on Technology Use ‡

Final note «
This workshop presentation can be found on the ³Teachers Resource´ page of my website.

Kristi Veitenheimer Windthorst ISD P.O. Box 190 Windthorst, TX 76389


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