INDIAN TELEPHONE INDUSTRIES LTD (A Government of India Undertaking) .

New technological developments and regulatory demands have reshaped the global telecom industry today. ITI joined the league of world class vendors of GSM technology with the inauguration of domestic as well as exports markets. New technological developments and regulatory demands have reshaped the global telecom industry today.India is among the four high growth markets in the world for Telecom and information Technology along with China. The success of technology induction and up gradation is visible across all units of ITI which fully conforms to ISO 9001:2000 quality management systems.. Telecommunication is the rapidly growing infrastructure industry in India. Brazil and Russia. .

the company offers a complete range of telecom products and total solutions covering the whole spectrum of Switching. ITI has largest production unit situated in Bangalore manufactures most of the equipment needed for telecommunications. Transmission. Ever since. as a pioneering venture in the field of telecommunications. it has contributed to 50% of the present national telecom network. With state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities spread across six locations and a countrywide network of marketing/service outlets.ITI Ltd was established in 1948. Access and Subscriber Premises equipment.ITI LIMITED India¶s first Public Sector Unit (PSU) . Also located at this unit are 2 well ± equipped R&D labs. .

Bangalore : Four : Bangalore : Bangalore : Six (6) : Forty Two (42) : ISO 9001:2000 : Trimax Datacenter. : 10 Divisions : www. customer care centers and Ancillary units. sales and service offices.Besides these main production units ITI has Regional Offices all over India.itiltd-india. ITI has set up an unit at Singapore also BASIC INFORMATION ABOUT ITI NAME ESTABLISHED CORPORATE OFFICE MANUFACTURING PLANTS CORE R&D INSTALLATION & MAINTENANCE REGIONAL OFFICES AREA OFFICES QUALITY SYSTEM JOINT VENTURE ISO ACCREDITATION COMPANY WEB SITE LOGO : ITI LIMITED : 1948 : Dooravani : .


Kalpakkam.REGIONAL OFFICES AND AREA OFFICES CHANDIGARH RO Delhi AO: Jaipur REGIONAL OFFICES (11) REGIONAL OFFICES (12) AREA OFFICES (42) RO Lucknow AREA OFFICES (34) AO: Agra. Jamshedpur CHENNAI RO Chennai AO: Vellore. Varanasi. Raipur BANGALORE RO Bhubaneswar AO: Ranchi. managlore. Guwahati HYDERABAD HYDERABAD RO Bhopal AO: Indore. Madurai. NEW DELHI LUCKNOW LUCKNOW AHMEDABAD BHOPAL RO AHM AO: Rajkot. Patna.Pondichery KOCHI . Surat Vadodra RO Bangalore AO: Mysore. Dimapur. Tiruchy. RO AHM Surat Vadodra AO: Rajkot. salem. Coimbatore. Tuticorin. Goa CALCUTTA KOLKATA MUMBAI BHUBANESWAR RO Kolkata Siliguri. Dehradun. Hubli.

SMPS Power Plant. Telephones of different types. C-Dot MBM / SBM Switches. MW Radios. VRLA batteries. DG Sets.EXPORTS INTERNATIONAL PRESENCE AND EXPORT ITI has exported products such as ADPCM.Besides various projects in India. Rural Exchanges. Multi Access Rural Radio (Analog and Digital both) and ASICs to countries in Afghanistan. Africa and Europe. Towers. spare cards for E-10B exchanges Single Channel VHF Radio. CDMA WLL Equipments. FWTs. ITI has successfully executed turnkey projects overseas. GLOBAL CUSTOMER PROFILE ‡Afghanistan ‡Botswana ‡Bhutan ‡China ‡Comoros ‡Gambia ‡Ireland ‡Madagascar ‡Malaysia ‡Nepal . Shelters. Asia.

Steel and Oil sectors ‡Railways ‡Post Offices. Police & Internal Security organizations ‡Power. Offices. Factories. Bank ‡Corporates ‡Hotels .INDIAN CUSTOMER PROFILE: ‡Department of Telecommunications (DoT).Government of India ‡BSNL ‡Mahanagar Telephone Nigam ‡Defence Services ‡Paramilitary.

COMPETITORS INFORMATION ‡Nokia ‡Samsung ‡L G ‡Ericson ‡Siemens ‡United Telecom .

The following of them are the departments of the company. ‡Human Resource Department ‡Research and Development Department ‡GSM cell ‡PCB Development cell ‡Finance Department ‡Marketing Department .

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