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m Major exponents ±

m Schools of management thought ± Classical
school(1900s ± 1930s)
m Major exponents ± Henri fayol, Henry Gantt, Frank
and Lillian Gilbreth, F.w. Taylor, Max Weber
m Personnel/HR practitioner focus ± 1800s ± 1920s
Social reform welfare workers Scientific techniques
m Major exponents ± Freud, Jung, Adler, Horney
m Schools of management thought ± Human Relations
School 1930s-1950s
m Major exponents ± Elton Mayo, Mary parker Follett,
Rensis Likert, A. Maslow, D. McClelland, D.
m Personnel/HR practitioner focus ± 1920s-1950s
Human Relations
m Major exponents ± James, Dewey, Munsterberg,
Hall, Cattell, Woodworth
m Schools of management thought ± Socio-technical
Systems 1930s-1950s
m Major exponents ± Trist and Bamforth (1951), Talcott
Parsons, Joan Woodward
m Personnel/HR practitioner focus ± 1950s ± 1960s
m Major exponents ± Thorndike, Pavlov, Watson, Hull,
Bekhterev, Tolman, Skinner, Bandura
m Schools of management thought ± Contingency
Theory (1960s-1970s)
m Major exponents ± Burns and Stalker (1961), Victor
Vroom, Fred Fiedler, Lawrence and Lorsch (1967),
Henry Mintzberg
m Personnel/HR practitioner focus ± 1960s and 1970s
Negotiation/industrial relations
m Major exponents ± Wertheimer, Koffka, Kohler,
m Schools of management thought ± Total Quality
Management 1980s
m Major exponents ± Deming, Taguchi
m Personnel/HR practitioner focus ± (1970s and 1980s)
Organizational integration Manpower analysis
m Major exponents ± Maslow, Roger
m Schools of management thought ± Strategic
approaches 1990s
m Major exponents ± Johnson and Scholes(1989)
m Personnel/HR practitioner focus ± 1990s Quality
performance Diversity Quality of Working life
Management of unemployment Consultancy
Organization Development
m Major exponents ± Miller, Neisser
m Schools of management thought ± Action research
methodologies for reflective learning? Theories of
entrepreneurship? 2000s?
m Major exponents ±
m Personnel/HR practitioner focus ± 2000s
Professionalization Strategic HR Portfolio careers
m Major exponents ± Seligman