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ATLANTIANS EN Vasiliki Kappa AUT ar Ce Kerr Ren eam UU RW AC eerste RCA CCM LUTETINy skeletons were discovered, skeletons that had heads twice bigger than normal. The only sample of culture was a precious stone placed in their navel. Neither texts nor architectural monuments were found. Scientists said that these humans Petes ACR eon hers cere CamCy mttaer TRU Red Corse oe Maybe, I thought, that s why they chose to live by the sea, to spend their days in total joy and freedom. Like dolphins. Maybe that s why they chose not to leave Prrithta connie STOR REC CORUM ee Me Nag higher spiritual level. My Atlantians have also enormous heads. We see their Peon ieee RnR a COMM ROR CCR mSTIn Cnr at Peeron ister ence tome mcr tC meme i nants archeological trowel, yet they are still alive, mysterious and powerful. Mixed media on stretched canvas. Tiny stones have been used to create the hats. PN eR Ce Oo ea eR ee ae CaS CORT CoC TNIC nS ENC To ROM Re SUR CRC oe Tete Rec Came ey REO aC) Atlantians playing 30x40 Arne IC Ronis Dena NCEE Cer ry 5 rc } Es & = 3g 4 AOL Sore A ey & z é cy ra =} 2 2 PREC R EMU oeS Ee Uitte Meeting 40x60 cm *