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BCG Matrix

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yet they compete in a high growth industy. . this is because this company have many competitors ● that have conquer majority of the market share. Their market share is 0. Anchor Barbershop is currently can be classified as a business at Quadrant 1 ● which is question marks.3. Comments: The sales volume of Anchor Barbershop in year 2016 is RM159600. so the ● circle representing the sales in the large circle s it represents of 100% of the revenue. In Quadrant 1 means that the Anchor Barbershop have a low relative market ● share position. ● It also represents high profit percentage which is also 100% of the shaded circle which is RM15800.

● This make this industry is growth well. . ● This business needs more cash in their operation but their cash generation is ● low.The hairdresser industry growth rate is 15 %. Anchor Barbershop is called question marks because this business has to ● decide whether to strength their business by doing some of these strategies which are market penetration. market development or product development.

Grand Strategy Matrix .

Comments: Anchor Barbershop was positioned in Quadrant II which the business need to ● re-evaluate their current approach or strategy towards the market. Since the business at Quadrant II. In this Quadrant II. the business is in rapid growth market ● industry. . This company is lacking of competitive advantages so it is suitable for this ● business to used horizontal integration strategy as an alternative to lower the number of competitors in the industry. the industry is growing but they are unable to compete with ● the competitor effectively.


Anchor Barbershop must have ● strong research and development (R & D) capabilities in order to improve the existing service or develop new interesting service which can attract more consumers as well as increase the business profits in the future. They should take an opportunity in th current market by increasing market share ● of its service as for market penetration strategies. Comments: Anchor Barbershop is spotted in the cell V which is hold and maintain strategy. market ● development and product development strategies. In term of product development strategies. ● Anchor Barbershopshould concern more on market penetration. .