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Quarterly Gas Export Recommendation and License


Quarterly Gas Export SKK Migas

Recommendation ~ 5 14
Endorsement Working Days

No (revision
Endorsed by SKK required)


- Based on Minister ESDM Submission to

Submission to Based on Minister ESDM
Reg No.23/2015 Ditjen Migas
BKPM Reg No.40/2017
- 10 working days per SOP

Quarterly Gas Export Submit Request for Export Quarterly Gas Export
Recommendation issued by License to the License issued by the
Ditjen Migas Ministry of Trade Ministry of Trade

Endorsement by Quarterly Gas Export Submit Request for Quarterly Gas Export License
Ditjen Migas Recommendation issued ExportLicense to the issued by the Ministry of
by BKPM Ministry of Trade Trade

Request for Quarterly Gas Export Recommendation is now to be submitted to Migas (previously to
Previous process (BKPM) has SOP of approx. 10 working days, while the new process (Migas) is
still unknown, thus anticipated longer processing time
Created by: Nur Kautsar Virsarini Dahliana

POI 2017