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Prepared by:
Pinal Patel
Definition: Engineering, Civil engineering, Civil
Branches of Civil Engineering
Scope of Civil Engineering
Role of Civil Engineer

Civil engineer: One who plan, design,

construct and maintains of structures which are
used for public utilities.
Civil engineering: branch of engineering which
deals with planning, designing, construction and
maintenance of structures or public works related
to earth, water or space.
Justify the statement

For betterment of civic, Civil engineer

is required.
Branches of Civil
Surveying and Leveling
Building planning and Construction
Structural Engineering
Advanced Construction
Geotechnical Engineering
Transportation Engineering
Water resources Engineering
Town Planning
Environmental Engineering
Scope of Civil Engineering:
Before Construction:
- Surveying
- Planning
- Designing
- Estimating, Costing and
- valuation and Contracts
Based on
Functions/ During Construction
- Construction Management
- Quality Control and Research

After Construction
- Maintenance of Structures
Scope of Civil Engineering:

- Building construction
- Advance Construction
- Transportation Engineering
Based on - Water resources Engineering
Field work: - Geotechnical Engineering
- Environmental Engineering
- Town Planning
Role of Civil Engineers:

Surveying, leveling and prepared Plan

Fix the alignments
Soil investigation
Estimation and costing
Structural analysis and design
Quality check and material testing
Valuation of land/ building
Invite Tenders and select contractors
Water treatment plant, Sewage treatment plant
Role of Civil Engineers:

Water distribution system

Town planning
Solve different engineering problems
Act as an Arbitrator between contractor and client
Construct industrial building and work shop
Design and construct transmission line tower and
power houses
Develop infrastructures of country by constructing
advance structures etc..