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Ehsanul Haque Himel

ID: 17102083
Dept: BBA
Latitude: 22.75, Longitude: 90.36, Altitude:

The maximum annual average temperature is

35.1 C, minimum 12.1 C; annual rainfall is
1955 mm.
Barisal District is a district in southern
Bangladesh and is also the headquarter of Barisal
Formerly the district was called Bakerganj which
was established as a district in 1797. It was a
municipality from 1876 to 2002 and upgraded to
Barisal City Corporation in 2002. Barisal was
declared a division on 1 January 1993. Barisal
district consists of one city corporation, five
municipalities, 66 wards, 111 mahallas, 10
upazilas, 86 union parishads, 1147 mouzas and
1175 villages
Barisal District had a population of 2,324,310
at the 2011 Census
Barisal's economic is mostly based on farming
and fishing.
Barisal is served by the Barisal Airport which
is located just outside the city. It has frequent
flight services to Dhaka via Biman Bangladesh
Airlines and GMG Airlines.
Notable educational institutions in Barisal
include Sher-e-Bangla Medical College,
University of Barisal, Barisal Cadet College,
Govt. B M College, Govt. Barisal College, Govt.
Hatem Ali College, Govt. Woman's College,
Barisal Polytechnic College, Govt. Fazlul Huq
College, Barisal Technical School and College,
A. Karim Ideal College,Ideal Cadet School &
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