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The Beatles

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John Lennon

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Paul McCartney

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George Harrison

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Ringo Starr

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Ringo Starr July 7, 1940 (70)
John Lennon - October 9, 1940 December 8,
1980 (40)
Paul McCartney June 18, 1942 (68)
George Harrison February 25, 1943
November 29, 2001 (58)
Come Together
March, 1957 John Lennon Quarrymen
July, 1957 Paul joins
February, 1958, George joins
January, 1960 Stuart Sutcliffe joins as bassist
(leaves July, 1961, dies April, 1962)
August, 1960 Pete Best joins as drummer
January, 1962 manager Brian Epstein
August, 1962 Ringo Starr replaces Pete Best

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Please Please Me (March 1963)

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With the Beatles (November, 1963)
British Invasion February 7, 1964

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Ed Sullivan Show February 9, 1964

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Ed Sullivan Show February 9, 1964

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Less masculine suits

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Rock and Race
Beatles arrive in February, 1964
Tony Carricker, one of Johns friends from art
school: We knew that there were blacks in
America but we had no idea what it really
meant. We didnt even know much at that
time about the racial divide and all that Jim
Crow stuff that was still going on (Stark 26).
A Hard Days Night July 10, 1964
Manager Brian Epstein

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Summer of 1964

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Beatles for Sale December 4, 1964
Help! August 6, 1965
Shea Stadium August 15, 1965

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Rubber Soul December 3, 1965
Revolver August 5, 1966
More popular than Jesus.

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Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band June 1, 1967
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All You Need is Love July 7, 1967
August 27, 1967

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Magical Mystery Tour November 27, 1967
India February, 1968

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The Beatles (The White Album)
November 22, 1968
Yellow Submarine January 13, 1969
Abbey Road September 26, 1969
January 30, 1969

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Let it Be May 8, 1970