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Electromagnetic Propulsion

Brice Cassenti
University of Connecticut
Electromagentic Propulsion
Electric Rocket Propulsion
Solar and Laser Sailing
Electromagnetic Forces
Particle with
Charge q
Mass m
Velocity v
Electric Field Intensity E
Magnetic Flux Density B

q E v B
Equation of motion m
Plasma Drift

B applied magnetic field

E applied electric field
j current due to E
v drift velocity
Hall Effect in a Solid
Current Flow in a Plasma
In a neutral plasma

j qni vi ne ve
ni , ne are the ion and electron number densities
Current is

j B pe me dj d ln n
j s E v B j
nqe nqe nqe dt dt

s is the conductivity

Humble, et al
Electron Bombardment Ion Thruster

Rail Acclerator

MPD Arcjet

Hall Accelerator

Solar and Laser Sails
Momentum of light
P E/c
Pressure due to reflection
p 2 I / c
Intensity of sun at earth
1360 W/m2
Solar Sails

Google Solar Sail images

Laser Sails

R.L. Forward
Microwave Sail - Starwisp

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