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Advertising & Promotion

m It is any paid form of non personal presentations &
promotions of ideas, goods or services by an
identified sponsor.

m It is paid, non personal communication with the

target market using mass communication channels.
Promotional Strategy & Goals
m A company¶s promotional strategy defines the direction
and scope of promotional activities to meet marketing

m Y  
Promotional activities have three
m Ào Inform

m Ào Persuade

m Ào Remind
m Advertising can be divided in to several categories and the
most popular forms are the following:

1. Product Advertising

2. Institutional Advertising

3. Competitive Advertising

4. Comparative Advertising
A few Advertising Objectives
m Informative
m Communicating Customer Value

m Àelling the market about a product

m Suggesting new use for a product

m Explaining how a product works

m Informing market about a price change

m Building a brand or company image

A few Advertising Objectives
m Persuasive
m Building brand preference

m Encourage people to switch to your brand

m Persuading customers to buy now

m Convincing customers to tell others

m Changing perception of a customer

A few Advertising Objectives
m Reminder
m Maintaining Customer relationship

m Reminding customers to buy product in coming days

m Reminding form where to buy

Advertising Decisions
m Advertising Objective: A

to be accomplished with a
during a

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Advertising Decisions
m Advertising Strategy: A strategy that accomplishes advertising
objectives and has two basic elements
m Creating Message
m Selecting Media
m Creating Message Strategy
m Breaking through the Clutter

m Madison & Vine: Merging of advertisement & entertainment.

m Creative Concept: Big Idea that brings your message to life in a big &
distinctive way.

m Message Execution: Àhe approach, style, tone format and words used
for message.
Advertising Decisions
m Selecting Media
m Àhe medium through which ad message is delivered to target
m Àhe major steps are

1. Reach, Frequency & Impact

2. Choosing Media Àype
3. Selecting specific Media vehicle
4. Deciding media timing
Advertising Decisions
m Reach, Frequency & Impact
m Reach is the measure of percentage of people in target market who are
exposed to ad campaign during a given period of time.
m Frequency is a measure of how many times an average person in the
target market is exposed to the message.
m Impact is how seriously the target market takes the message
m Choosing among Major media types
m Àelevision
m Newspaper
m Direct Mail
m Magazine
m Cable Network
m Radio
m Outdoor
m Internet
Advertising Decisions
m Selecting Specific Media Vehicle: It is specific media in a
general category. News Channel / Geo or Express.

m Cost
m Reliability
m Exposure

m Deciding on Media Àiming

m Àime of the launch of the product
m Àime when your target market is most exposed to the medium
you have chosen.
A few Concerns
m Ethical Concerns

m International Advertisement Decision