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Print Media

Refers to paper publications such as

books , newspapers, magazines,
journals, newsletters , and other
materials that are physically printed
on paper.
It is a reading materials that
can either be fictional or
Contains detailed information about
topics of special interests like the
countries around the world.

Is a reference materials used to

find the words definition,
etymology, pronunciations, forms,
and its syntactical and idiomatic

Are also arranged alphabetically,

each containing the meaning
based on its synonyms and
Is a collection of maps showing
geographical features, political
boundaries, including the climatic, social,
and economical statistics of a specific
2. Newspaper

Printed on a daily or weekly basis, a

newspaper contains a wide range of articles
which appear on the different sections, such
as news, business, lifestyle, sports, and
entertainment sections.

are usually the professionals who

prefer reading formal news and in-
depth analysis of issues.

is pegged for those who prefer

reading condensed news and
entertainment articles that uses
informal language.
3. Magazine
Is also a periodical publication
released weekly, monthly, or quarterly.
It contains articles on various topics
depending on the subject or area the
magazine cover.
4. Journal

Similar to a newspaper, a journal contains

informative articles and provides accurate
reports on specific topics, such as medicine.
For example, medical journal is intended for
medicine students or medical practitioners.
5. Newsletter
Organizations or companies release
newsletters for special purposes . A newsletter
is published either weekly or monthly. It can be
a bulletin where a company or an organization
informs its readers about the updates and
happenings in their institution or community .
A newsletter can also contain
special features on topics
which might be of interest or
value to its targeted readers.
6. Gazette
Pertains to the official publication of a
government organization or an institution,
which is intended for public notices or
listing of appointments.
7. Pamphlet
It can be a small booklet, a leaflet,
or a printer. It contains a detailed,
yet easy to understand, text with
images. It is released by an
organization or company to inform
the public regarding special topics
or issues.
8. Brochure

A small book or magazine that

contains pictures and information
about the products or services offered
by a company.
9. Leaflet and flyer

Refers to a printed sheet of paper which

contains information about a product for
advertising purposes.
Consists of programs produced by
television networks and radio stations.
Contrary to print media, broadcast media
airs audio and video materials for the
publics information, interest, or leisure.
Radio, television and films are
three forms of broadcast media.
1. Radio

The first radio is attributed to the Italian

inventor, Guglielmo Marconi when he
made the wireless telegraph in 1895.
Using radio waves, he was able to
transmit Morse code using the instrument
he made.
With the use of small device called
the transistor, the flow of electricity in
the radios and other type of broadcast
media can be controlled.
Data is transmitted by the radio
through electric currents or
frequencies between about 3000
hertz to 300 gigahertz.

In am mode, the amplitude of

the radio signal codes

In fm mode uses a change in

frequency to encode
2. Television

Is one of the most visible appliances at home. It is

equipped with an electronic system capable of
sending images and sounds by a wire or through
Vladimir Kosma Zworykin, a Russian-born
American inventor, and Philo Taylor Farnsworth
from Utah are credited as the inventors of
modern television.
Zworykin is acknowledged as the father of
Modern Television as he owns the patent
Farnsworth who is credited for the successful
demonstration of the transmission of
television signals.
3. Film
Is similar to a television show as it
offers a variety of themes and genres.
It can be a drama, comedy, horror,
action an animation, or a
documentary . It also called movies or
motion pictures.
TV and Movie Classification Ratings
G- rating means that the show is for general patronage.
PG- rating means that the show requires parental guidance.
SPG- rating means that strict parental guidance is required
as the show may have themes that involve violence, horror,
and inappropriate language that are not suitable for young
R rating means a show is restricted for a particular age.

Is an electronic communications
network that connects computer
users through various networks and
organizational computer facilities
around the world.
1. Web page

The internet is also called the

worldwide communication network of
computers . The web is the most
widely used service on the Internet. It
consists of many webpages joined by
2. Hypertext
The information arranged in a computer
database can easily be accessed through
a hypertext, which allows a user to get
information and go from one document to
another by clicking on highlighted that
can be displayed and accessed directly by
2. Hypertext

Is a list of information that can be

displayed and accessed directly by users.
3. Instant messaging

Through (IM), a user can interact with

another user through online chat in real
time. An IM can transmit in real time a
text, images, emoji, document and video
file among others.
4. E-mail

User can send information to other people in any

part of the world. The information can be
encoded on the message area or attached as a
Application like Google Drive and Dropbox are
designed to allow users to link and synchronize
e-mail attachments that have big files.
5. Distance education
Students can now study online in any part of
the world. The students will receive materials
from the facilitator or instructor through e-mail
or from a portal where the students needs to
sign up an account. Once the personal
account is activated, lessons in the virtual
classroom can now be accessed. website that provides free online
education in partnership with universities.
6. E-book

Refers to digital or electronic version of printed

book, which can be accessed with the used of
computer or gadget. Kindle is a good example
of a hand-held device whose features allows
user to read books and connects to the
7. Online shopping

Costumer can shop now online. Buying

online allows the consumers to shop at
their convenience because they can
purchase while at home.
8. Media convergence

It interconnects information with

communication technologies,
computer networks and media
The influence of media in the World
Wide Web
When we say that something has gone
viral or trending in the Internet, it means
that a video or message has massively
and quickly gained high popularity.

Can be a funny images video, or text that has

been shared, copied and tweaked by internet
users and has spread rapidly on their social
media account.