Dawah Projects in Ramadan

Dr. Sabeel Ahmed
Director GainPeace.com

An Obligation


µInvite (all) to the Way of your Lord with wisdom and beautiful preaching; and argue with them in ways that are best and most gracious«¶(16:125)

µWho is better in speech than one who calls people to Allah, works righteousness, and says, "I am of the Muslims«¶(41:33)

µThus, have We made of you an Ummat justly balanced, that you might be witnesses over the nations, and the Messenger of Allah, a witness over yourselves«¶(2:143)

Prophet Muhammad
peace be upon him, proclaimed

µPass on the Message from me, even if it be a single verse.¶
(Bukhari 3462)

A Necessity

28 million anti-Islam DVDs were freely distributed in the USA

Anti-Islam Billboard on an Highway in Ohio, USA

Ads on Taxis in New York city, USA

Ads on the sides of Buses in New York, Miami, USA

Behind a truck in USA

Sign on the sign lawn in Florida, USA

Sign on the Bus in USA

Quran burning campaign is schedule for Sept 11 in Florida, USA

An obligation & a Necessity

NOW! More than ever

In Ramadan?

x Media uses the word Islam & Muslims x Non-Muslims more receptive
More questions, more calls, more shahadas

x Extra reward for any good action in Ramadan x Dawah in Ramadan, will carry over to the rest of the year, insha Allah

On the ground

x Muslims don¶t have a mass dawah media to convey Islam x Our numbers are small (in the Western countries) x Negative sentiments are rising x Anti-Islamic projects are rising

for Muslims

Can we have a positive impact on«?
x The community around the Masjid x To our neighbors x In schools and colleges x At our work

Insha Allah

Top 10
Dawah projects

Inviting to Iftar at Masajid
Who to invite?
Neighbors Businesses Church, synagogue Schools, colleagues Mayor, city officials Fire, Police Dept
If list long, invite the above on separate days

What to do?
Print/send invitations Presentation; Q & A Dawah Table, banner Give tour of the masjid Invite national, local media Gift Pack for attendees Thank you note, dates, Quran, brochures, candy, book.

Inviting to Iftar at Universities
Who to invite?
Professors Students Staff Student organizations Churches around campus Businesses

What to do?
Print/send invitations Presentation; Q & A Dawah Table Invite campus & local media Gift Pack for attendees Thank you note, dates, Quran, brochures, CD/DVD, candy, book.

to your home
Who to Invite? 

Conversation Starters
Islamic Calligraphy on the wall Food dish Name of your child(Musa, Isa) Islamic channel playing on TV Islamic book on the coffee table Provide a gift pack upon leaving

Neighbors Colleagues Classmates Friends

Coupon Mailers
Direct Marketing
What is involved?
Companies: ValuPak, Coupon Mailers Islam coupon ad in the envelop Mailed out to any zip code specified Cost: $300 - $500 per 10,000 houses

Provide the company a soft copy They print, stuff and mail Customize the contents based on event & audience Approach businesses for sponsorship

Coupon Mailers
Direct Marketing
Sample ad

In the Neighborhood
What is involved?
Two to four times a week Casual walk around the neighborhood With spouse and kids Introduce yourself to neighbors Pass positive and brief comments

Neighbors get to know you You get to know them Knowing our neighbors is the first step to helping them You get to fulfill your Islamic neighborly obligations Chances of discussion and invitation to Islam increases.

1 min Islam Card
In the Neighborhood
What to do?
Take a stack of 1 min Islam cards Card on Ramadan preferred Go house to house and stick them next to the mail box Obtain permission from city if needed It is illegal to open or place anything in the mailbox of others

You are taking Islam to their doorsteps 1 min Islam cards are easy to print, carry and read Cost per card 2-5 cents Where to obtain the cards? GainPeace.com (coming soon)

1 Minute Cards Samples

Ramadan/Islam ad
TV, Radio, Newspaper

Ramadan/Islam ad
TV, Radio Newspaper
Sample Radio ad.

Since the dawn of time, humanity always wondered: Who created us? what is the purpose of life? and what will happen to us after we die? Islam proclaims that we were created with the sole purpose to submit in worship to God alone and not to worship His creation. Peace is the outcome of submission to one God. All the prophets of God, Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad (peace be upon them) came with the mission to invite humanity to worship one God. Thus, Islam is not a new faith, but the same divine truth preached by all the mighty prophets of God. To find out more about Islam and to receive a free gift of the holy Quran please visit GainPeace.com or call 800-662-ISLAM.

Local/National Papers
What is involved?
Tap into the talent of English majors Muslim writers/journalists Compose 500 word article on Ramadan & Islam Submit to local/national/University papers

Include pictures Contact info Invite the media to masjid open-house Develop a local team of writers for Muslim causes

For Soup Kitchens
What is involved?
Start a soup kitchen from the Masjid Advertise the above in the neighborhood, media Volunteer in local community soup kitchens

Where to start?
Obtain volunteers from Masjid, community, ladies & youth. Approach businesses for sponsorship Approach restaurants to donate services Obtain license from city as needed Invite needy and/or take food to them

Food Drive
Masajid, Library, store What is involved?
Get involved with local masjid Join an existing program or initiate one Advertise it with fliers, announcements, media. Place collection boxes in Masajid, grocery stores, libraries, schools«

Donate the collection to the food depository. Send press release ± not to show off but to obtain positive media coverage


For Dawah
What Benchmarks?
Convey Islam to two persons each week Distribute 10 Quran translations in Ramadan Pass-out 7 Islam fliers each day More the better

Why Benchmarks?
Human mind tend to push itself further if a certain goal is specified with a time frame.


May Allah accept our fasting and all Islamic endeavors May HE purify our intentions May He help us to implement what we learned May HE make it easy for us to effectively convey Islam to humanity

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