 Light based WI-FI
 Light is used instead of radio-waves to transmit
 Transceiver fitted LED lamps acts like Wi-Fi modems
 LED lamps can light a room as well as transmit-receive
 Provides illumination as well as data communication

security are solved using LIFI. availability. efficiency. Radio spectrum is congested. but the demand for wireless data doubles each year  Issues regarding radio spectrum.  Speed of data transmission can be increased. . such as capacity.

. CAPACITY  Spectrum is 10.  SECURITY  Cannot penetrate through walls.000 times greater than that of radio frequency  EFFICIENCY  Highly efficient since LED consumes less energy  AVAILABILITY  Light waves available everywhere. Hence data cannot be intercepted.

gamma. In electromagnetic spectrum. due to eye safety regulations. are not used .  IR rays. UV rays are dangerous for human body.

formerly pure VLC. few companies and industries group formed Li-Fi consortium to promote the high speed optical wireless systems . at the university of Edinburgh. is an original equipment manufacture firm setup to commercialize Li-Fi products for integration with existing LED lighting systems In October 2011. Introduced by Professor Herald hass.  Established in 2011 TED global talk  The promotion of idea through TED helped to start a company. Pure LiFi  Pure LiFi.

 LEDs varies in intensity so fast that a human eye cannot detect it  A controller connected at the back side of these LEDs is used to code data.  If LED is ON. Operational procedure is very simple. digital data ‘0’ is transmitted.  Also called as 5G optical communication. . digital data ‘1’ is transmitted & if LED is OFF.

All the data from Internet is streamed into lamp driver. optical output can be made to vary at extremely high speed The photodetector picks up the signal The receiver dongle then converts the tiny changes in amplitude into a data stream. Data from internet is used to modulate the intensity of LED light source. . Thus by fast and subtle variations of current.


 Li-Fi connector and router are the main components for a network  Room connector:  Optical signals cannot penetrate through walls. which sends the data stream from one side of the wall to the other side via an optical fiber.  For smaller rooms. in order to provide an optical WLAN. connector act as the only Li-Fi hotspot in the room . rooms need to be connected with each other  Li-Fi room connector is a replicator.

Serves as a connector to external link like DSL.  Covers a radius of about 20 meters  The transmission speed is 100 Mbps.  Suitable for small office or home use .

nuclear power plants . LIFI can be used in  sensitive areas such as aircrafts for data transmission without causing interference  Places where it is difficult to lay optical fibers like operation theaters  Traffic scenarios. petrol pumps etc .  Industries like petrochemical plants. thereby reducing accidents  Underwater applications where radio waves cannot propagate.

Street lights can be used to send information about the road condition to the car.In traffic scenario. by exchanging information.  This might prevent accidents.  Cars can have LED-based headlights. . backlights and can communicate with each other. when the vehicles are too close  Using LIFI. LIFI can be used to communicate with the LED lights of cars .

views and clarifications can be shared not only with the teacher. but with the entire class. the download can be done in the hall itself  Interactive classroom with interconnected devices  The classroom will be more interactive with the real-time interconnectivity between 500 devices  Sharing views & queries with the entire class  Each person’s queries. Downloading notes from blogs of teachers  Often it is necessary to download lecture notes from the blogs of respective teachers. With Li-Fi. .

nuclear power plants. petrol pumps .Used in RF restricted environments like chemical industries.

Li-Fi can be used to communicate with devices like  Laptops  Internet access  HD video streaming  Printer . In home and small offices.

The whole airways communication are performed on the basis of radio waves. since light waves will not interfere with radio waves. Hence passengers face the problem in communication media. . This problem can be overcome by using Li-Fi.

. Harald has demonstrated Li-Fi using an ordinary table lamp and a computer located below the lamp.  Also he periodically blocked the beam of light.  He successfully transmitted data at speed exceeding 10Mbps using light waves from LED light bulbs . causing the connection to drop.

Smartphone could get 15% more battery life in a day Can communicate using Li-Fi. 2014  The phone uses Wysips connect – a clear thin layer of crystal glass is added to the small screens  Smartphone makes them solar powered. The first VLC Smartphone was presented by Consumer Electronics in January. .

Theoretically allowing HD film to be downloaded in 30 seconds  Can be used anywhere.  As light waves cannot penetrate through walls. Data rate greater than 10 Gbps.  Mostly LED light bulbs are used. Thus provides secured communication. even in RF restricted areas. the data cannot be intercepted.  Efficient alternative to radio based wireless. since it is quick and reliable. Since light waves will not interfere with radio waves. Hence cost efficient. which consumes less energy. .

 Visible light cannot penetrate through solid objects. in the path of transmission will cause interruption in the communication.  A major challenge of LiFi is how the receiving device will transmit back to transmitter. .  Data transmission can be easily blocked by any object placed in front of LED source.  Interferences from external light sources like sunlight.

every bulb can be used as an alternative to Wi-Fi hotspots. if Li-Fi technology can be put into practical use. greener. . safer and brighter future. faster and efficient wireless data communication. Li-Fi will make us to proceed towards the cleaner. It provides simple.Thus.