There were some people at a concert.

1/7 of
them were men and 3/5 of them were
women. The rest were children. What
fraction of the people were children?
James drove from Town A to Town B. He
took 4h for the whole journey. He drove for
2 ½ h and rested for ¼ h before
completing the rest of the journey. How
long did he take for the rest of the
During the school holidays. Chris read 312
pages of a book at first. He read the
remaining pages in 20 days, with the same
number of pages each day. During these 20
days, he read 1/12 of the book in 6 days.
How many pages of the book did he read in
the 6 days?
2/9 of the people on a restaurant are adults.
If there are 95 more children than adults,
how many children are there in the
Gary and Henry brought an equal amount of
money for shopping. Gary spent $95 and
Henry spent $350. After that Henry had 4/7
of what Gary had left. How much money did
Gary have left after shopping?
1/9 of the shirts sold at Peter's shop are
striped. 5/8 of the remainder are printed.
The rest of the shirts are plain colored shirts.
If Peter's shop has 81 plain colored shirts,
how many more printed shirts than plain
colored shirts does the shop have?