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The Instructor
Dr. Muhammad Saeed

Room 104, EE Block

Text Books
Essentials of Entrepreneurship and Small Business
Management, 6th edition, Norman M Scarborough

Entrepreneurship, 8th edition, Robert D Hisrich

Small Business Management: Launching &

Growing New Ventures, 14th edition, Longnecker,
Donlevy, Calvert, Moore, Petty, Palich (Nelson

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Students Introduction
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Course Objectives
The purpose of this course is to expose
students to the ideas, mind set, thinking
and techniques related to researching
and starting up a new business idea.
Through a combination of lecture, field
work, library and internet research guest
lecturers, and video students will assess
the feasibility of an opportunity that could
be pursued within or outside of the
confines of the organization.
Broad Course Contents
Start-up & the Need for Competitive
Marketing Research and Product Strategy and
Promotional & Pricing Strategies
Developing an Effective Business Plan
Venture Feasibility and Business Plan Checklist
Sample Business Plan
Selecting the Management Team & Managing
Broad Course Contents
Forms of Ownership & Legal Issues
Selecting a Location and Planning the
Operations Management & Control Systems
Financing Requirements and Pro Forma
Evaluating & Managing Financial Performance
Franchise Opportunities
E-Entrepreneurship and ICT Ventures
The way forward
Class lectures and discussions
Assignment 1 (10%):
Group (2-3 students) [Aug-20]
Interview an entrepreneur
One 5 page report setting out the findings of
the entrepreneur interview in question and
answer style is the final deliverable for this
The objective of the interview is to obtain
insight into the mindset of the entrepreneur
as distinct from the employee/manager.
The way forward
Assignment 1 contd:
This assignment is due in class on week 4
with one report being submitted per group
Individual submissions will not be accepted
Students will provide a schedule showing the
relative contribution of all members with
adequate notice for non-contributors to
change their behaviour
The way forward
Group project/Business plan (15%)
Group (4-5 Students)
Project Objective
Thinking out of box
Start up a new business venture
Write a Business Plan
Sustain & Grow
Look for opportunities to expand your business
External examiners will take interviews
Watch the Dragons den
The way forward
Assignment I (10%)
Business Plan Project (15%)
Mid-term exams (20%)
Quizzes (5%)
Final examination (50%)
The most exciting phrase to hear in science,
the one that heralds new discoveries, is not
"Eureka!" (I found it!) but "That's funny. . . ."
Isaac Asimov
The foundations of entrepreneurship
Entrepreneurs are simply those who
understand that there is little difference
between obstacle and opportunity and
are able to turn both to their advantage
Niccolo Machiavelli
A few quotes
You could spend all your time learning
and not doing. And doing, not just learning
to do, is the essence of entrepreneurship

"entrepreneur" is not a job title. It is the

state of mind of people who want to alter
the future
Learning objectives
Define the role of the entrepreneur
Describe the entrepreneurial profile and
evaluate your potential as an entrepreneur
Describe the benefits and drawbacks of
Put failure into proper perspective
Explain how an entrepreneur can avoid
becoming another failure statistic
The World of the Entrepreneurs
In the US 550,000 entrepreneurial
ventures each month!
Entrepreneurial activity is essential to a
strong global economy
Process of identification of opportunities
and allocating resources for creating a

The art of turning an idea into a business.

Who is an Entrepreneur?