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Tommy Marchin
Ronald Reagan was born in
Tampico, Illinois on February 6,
His family had to move from town
to town, for his father to find a job.
They finally settled in Dixon,
While in Dixon, Reagan worked as a
lifeguard at age 15.
He played basketball, football, ran
At the time, his father

Family was a shoe salesman,

but could not hold a job
because of his drinking
While acting, he married
and divorced Jane
Wyman. Adopting her
two children.
His successful marriage
was with Nancy Reagan,
during his political rise.
Together, they had two
children, Patti Ann, and
Reagans first job after college was a radio
One of the most popular sportscasters in
Iowa (pres profile).
While working for the Chicago Cubs, an
agent got him a screen test with Warner
Brothers. (Profiles of U.S. Presidents)
He acted in his first movie in 1937, and
appeared in more than 50 movies
throughout his career.
While working on a movie, he met and
married Jane wyman. Later went on to
get divorced, being the only president to
do so.
Political Rise
After serving as President of the Screen
Actors Guild Union, Reagan joined
campaign for Harry Truman (democrat) in
Then he campaigns with Eisenhower in
During democratic campaign with Richard
Nixon in 1960, he became more
conservative and switched to republican.
New conservative wife added to his switch.
Reagan ended the cold

President war with multiple efforts

that lead to the collapse
of Achievements
the Soviet Union
(Human Events)
Reaganomics helped the
economy boom for more
than 20 years.
He brought the
republican party back on
its feet after Watergate.
He Rebuilt the military
as a global power.
He successfully
proposed a big tax cut
with the Tax Reform Act
in 1986.
Assassination attempt on
Reagan on March 30th 1981,
69 days after becoming
John Hinckley Jr opens fire on
President Reagan after he
addressed the Building and
Construction Workers Union.
Only 10 feet from Reagan,
Hinckley opens fire, misses but
a bullet ricocheted off of the
President's limo and hits him in
the chest.
Hinckley Attempted to
After his two terms,
Ronald Reagan retired
as one of the most
well like Presidents of
the United States,
He was later
diagnosed with
Alzheimers in 1994.
As it was hard for him
to make public
appearances, his wife
Nancy took his place
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