Tommy Marchin
● Ronald Reagan was born in
Tampico, Illinois on February 6,
● His family had to move from town
to town, for his father to find a job.
● They finally settled in Dixon,
● While in Dixon, Reagan worked as a
lifeguard at age 15.
● He played basketball, football, ran
● At the time, his father

Family was a shoe salesman,
but could not hold a job
because of his drinking
● While acting, he married
and divorced Jane
Wyman. Adopting her
two children.
● His successful marriage
was with Nancy Reagan,
during his political rise.
● Together, they had two
children, Patti Ann, and
Reagan’s first job after college was a radio
“One of the most popular sportscasters in
Iowa” (pres profile).
While working for the Chicago Cubs, an
agent got him a screen test with Warner
Brothers. (Profiles of U.S. Presidents)
He acted in his first movie in 1937, and
appeared in more than 50 movies
throughout his career.
While working on a movie, he met and
married Jane wyman. Later went on to
get divorced, being the only president to
do so.
Political Rise
● After serving as President of the Screen
Actors Guild Union, Reagan joined
campaign for Harry Truman (democrat) in
● Then he campaigns with Eisenhower in
● During democratic campaign with Richard
Nixon in 1960, he became more
conservative and switched to republican.
● New conservative wife added to his switch.
● Reagan ended the cold

President war with multiple efforts
that lead to the collapse
of Achievements
the Soviet Union
(Human Events)
● Reaganomics helped the
economy boom for more
than 20 years.
● He brought the
republican party back on
its feet after Watergate.
● He Rebuilt the military
as a global power.
● He successfully
proposed a big tax cut
with the Tax Reform Act
in 1986.
● Assassination attempt on
Reagan on March 30th 1981,
69 days after becoming
● John Hinckley Jr opens fire on
President Reagan after he
addressed the Building and
Construction Workers Union.
● Only 10 feet from Reagan,
Hinckley opens fire, misses but
a bullet ricocheted off of the
President's limo and hits him in
the chest.
● Hinckley Attempted to
● After his two terms,
Ronald Reagan retired
as one of the most
well like Presidents of
the United States,
● He was later
diagnosed with
Alzheimers in 1994.
● As it was hard for him
to make public
appearances, his wife
Nancy took his place
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