DESCRIPTION Aclear liquid diet consist of foods that are clear & liquid at room or body temperature .

& other procedures)  Minimize stimulation of GI tract . barium enema.INDICATIONS  Acute GI disturbances  Diarrhea  Provide oral fluids  Before/after surgery  Prepare bowel for diagnostic tests (colonoscopic examination.

CONTRAINDICATIONS Inadequate GI function Nutrient needs requiring parenteral nutrition .

PURPOSES Thepurpose is to help prevent dehydration & keep colon contents to a minimum. .

such as fruit punch or lemonade. such as apple or white grape.EXAMPLES  Water (plain.  Carbonated drinks. including dark sodas (cola and root beer)  Gelatin.  Tea or coffee without milk or cream. carbonated or flavored)  Fruit juices without pulp.  Fruit-flavored beverages. .