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 Company Overview/ Background
 Yahoo! Inc. is an American public corporation
based and established in California which
provides internet services worldwide.
 Yahoo! is best known for its web portal, search
engine (Yahoo! Search)
 Since January 2010, Yahoo held the world's
largest market share in online display

 Founders:
 Yahoo! Inc. was founded by Jerry Yang and
David Filo in January 1994 and was incorporated
on March 1, 1995.
 On January 2009, Carol Bartz, the former
executive chairperson of Autodesk, was
appointed as Yahoo! Inc.’s new chief executive
officer and became a member of the board of

Yahoo! was incorporated. 1995. April 1996. raising to approximately $3 million  A year after. raising $33.8 million by selling 2.6 million shares at $13 each. History:  On January 1995. the Yahoo! domain was created.  On April 1995. Yahoo! had its initial public offering. Michael Moritz of Sequoia Capital granted Yahoo! with two rounds of venture capital.  March 1. .

 global network of Yahoo! websites receives an average of 3.4 billion page views per day as of October 2007 .575 billion visitors yearly by 2008. Markets:  At least 1.

. Competitors:  Google  American Online (AOL).

Yahoo! Groups and the Yahoo! Messenger. Segments:  It operates the web portal which provides content including the latest news. . Yahoo! Maps. entertainment.  services are available globally in more than 20 languages. and it also gives users a quick access to other Yahoo! services like the Yahoo! Mail. sports. Yahoo! Finance.

It also offers social networking services and user- generated content such as Yahoo! Personals. Yahoo! announced that this service would offer unlimited storage space. Yahoo! Buzz and the like. Flick. . Communication: Yahoo! provides internet communication services such as Yahoo! Messenger and Yahoo! Mail which has become the largest e-mail service in the world.  On March 2007.

answers and games to provide media content. news. Content: Yahoo! partners with hundreds of leading content providers on sports. . news and information  It also provides personalized services which enables users to collect their own favorite Yahoo! features. finance music. content feeds and information into a single page. movies.

etc. Mobile: Yahoo!Mobile includes services for on- the-go messaging such as email. . instant messaging. ringtones. and mobile blogging. search and alerts.  It also offers mobile applications like games.

based on the calculations that Yahoo! computers make on the information that the user is seeking. OneSearch: OneSearch is an internet search system introduced by Yahoo! that was developed for mobile phones on March 20. are listed on single page and are prioritized into categories. .  The results. 2007.

Yahoo! Autos. it offers an e-commerce platform called Yahoo! Merchant Solutions (or Yahoo! Store). make business transactions. Commerce: Yahoo! offers commerce services like Yahoo! Shopping.  It hosts Top 500 internet retailers that any other e-commerce platforms. .  It enables users to gather relevant information.  In addition. and purchases online. Yahoo! Real Estate and Yahoo! Travel.

 Small Business: Yahoo! provides services for small business owners and professionals to allow them to build their own online stores using Yahoo!’s tools  It also offers HotJobs to help recruiters find the talent they seek. .

 Advertising: Yahoo! Search Marketing provides services that let different businesses advertise their products and services on the Yahoo! network. . a new internet advertisement sales system was launched on 2007 called Panama which allows advertisers to bid for search terms based on their popularity to display their ads on search results pages.  Yahoo! Publisher Network is an advertising tool for online publishers to place advertisements relevant to their content  In addition.

 Yahoo! BOSS: This is a new service that allows developers to build search applications based on Yahoo’s search technology. .

. Twitter. Yahoo!Meme: This is a beta social service which is similar to the popular networking site.

 Yahoo! Next: This is currently in its beta testing phase. It contains forums for Yahoo! users to give feedback for the development of the future Yahoo! technologies and platforms. .

BENEFITS AND VALUE. FAB+VALUE)”  An email ID will go a long way in launching you into a world where communication can happen with ease  own space for albums and a file storage which you can review from any place  get a domain and begin the process of having your own website  providing its numerous free services  domain locking. which prevents unauthorized transfers to another registrar.“WHY IS YAHOO SO POPULAR? (ATTRIBUTES OR ADVANTAGES. .

including English  Yahoo! does not provide the Arabic language for the users who speak Arabic including UAE  weakness for Yahoo and will reduce its popularity in UAE  Yahoo! Maktoob and has gained popularity in the Arab world  Yahoo! already reaches 20 million users in English in the Arab world.“IS YAHOO POPULAR IN THE UAE?”  its multi-lingual interface  available in over 20 languages. founded in 2000. while Maktoob. has a base of 16 million users  top 10 websites in almost all Arab countries .

”  a search engine that allows browsers to search for different topics.  hyperlinks through which visitors can have a direct access to different websites  shopping services through which they can have an access to their favorable stores and have a look at products promoted. researching destinations. comparing airfares and booking trips and flights .  a travel service where consumers can seek travel information online.“PLEASE VISIT YAHOO WEBSITE AND IDENTIFY THE KEY FEATURES OF YAHOO INTERNET MARKETING. products and services.

Yahoo! Mobile. so people can seek financial information including stock market  entertainment services such as music. Yahoo! Mail. games. Yahoo! Maps. and interact without boundaries  variety of services such Yahoo! Weather. videos. meet new people. and sports . interactive as it has a messenger through which people can socialize. and many more  a financial service.

entertainment value. to increase profit by 20%. attainable. and price value . strategies and tactics of the Internet marketing plan  goals should be specific. have chat rooms in order to make the website more interactive. measurable. realistic.  enhance the reputation of Yahoo! and attract a greater number of customers  blogs.“PLEASE CREATE A WEB-MARKETING PLAN THAT AIMS AT LAUNCHING YAHOO MIDDLE EAST. add convenience value. and timed. objectives.”  identify the goals. time value. visual media such as videos and banner ads to attract more viewers.

 Convenience value can be offered by selecting any products you want to purchase and have it delivered right at your door step  Time value can be achieved through being selective and offering services that save time such as banks  Entertainment value can be added through chat rooms. forums. or services and answering customers’ inquires  design and the layout should be creative and reflect the goals. and the identity of the company . music. games. videos. and blogs  be informational-oriented in terms of offering information concerning various topics.

“CAN YAHOO SECURE A RAPID SUCCESS IN CREATING A MAJOR GLOBAL BRAND NAME IN THE GULF REGION?”  Internal Environment:  collaboration and team work between the top management and the other divisions  committed with the collaboration of the IT professionals in upgrading and maintaining the website in its overall marketing activities  constantly upgrade and maintain its services  committed in providing the best of the best services to the public  succeeded in building a good reputation around and they will ensure that their internal environment will be as effective as any place else if they try to launch in the Gulf region .

 External Environment:  2 major parts  first part to be discussed is the consumer confidence about Yahoo!  wide array of services that starts from communication services till shopping  satisfies most of the needs that the people desire  provides internet services that cover many areas around the world from sports. news. music and finance .

 Secondly. are the competitors that are a threat to Yahoo!  three major competitors that play a very vital role in people’s lives  Google. Microsoft and American Online (AOL)  offer very unique products and services that fulfill people’s desires  search engines which most people around the world rely on to deliver back reliable data and resources .

Consumer loyalty and social - cultural environment:  highly competitive and rapidly changing global Internet market  developing a world-class marketing is their competitive advantage in the unpredictable market of cyberspace technology  services are offered to advertisers and their customers in over 20 different languages and countries . Technology.

enables Yahoo! to target the segment with customized marketing services to the particular market  specialized marketing services to a diverse global advertising population is evidenced through their staffing of international offices with native or local personal . different marketing needs of each individual market is a fundamental approach for Yahoo!’s marketing strategies  segmenting each distinctive market into an individual geographic group.

online. offer better customer service by providing for the unique cultural habits of each geographic market segment  marketing strategy to retain customer loyalty and to continue to build brand recognition is to provide top quality customized marketing services through three primary channels of communication. direct. and telemarketing .