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Lucy is going to meet Thomas this weekend Lucy is meeting Thomas this weekend Lucy & Thomas are going to go to Paris on their honeymoon Lucy & Thomas are going to Paris on their honeymoon Thomas is going to marry Lucy next month Thomas is marrying Lucy next month They are going to get married next month They are getting married next month .

Their friends are going to attend their wedding tomorrow Their friends are attending their wedding tomorrow They are going to move to an apartment on July 11th They are moving to an apartment on July 11th Her mother is going to live with them next year Her mother is living with them next year They are going to travel this summer They are traveling this summer .

Break up To end a relationship Make up to become friendly again after an argument Give up to quit/abandon something Work out to do physical activity Look up to to admire someone Back up to give support to someone .

to think you are more important than Look down on someone else Put up with to tolerate something Let down to disappoint someone Get over To overcome a problem or disease Be out to to have the intention / to be determined Make out to understand something Come out when something is published .

Run for to try to obtain a political position Stand for when something is represented Call off to cancel something Do away with to eliminate something Put off to change the date or time of something Hang around to stay in a place without any purpose Put on to gain weight .

Take up To fill or occupy Help out To give help to someone at a time or need Bring up To raise a child Wait on To serve (someone) Make fun of To ridicule / to laugh at someone Do without To manage despite the lack of something .