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Presented by

B. Lakshmi Bhavani

Under the Guidance of
Ch. Srihari
M. Tech
Associate Professor

Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering
Anurag Engineering College

16 August 2017 1

• Objective

• Introduction

• Design consideration for Hybrid Dielectric Resonator Antenna

• Conclusion

• References

16 August 2017 2

• To design hybrid dielectric resonator antennas (DRA) for wireless body
area networks, which is suitable for medical applications

 Dual band cylindrical dielectric resonator antenna with parasitic slot

16 August 2017 3

• The Medical Implantable Communication Service
• (402-405MHz)band.
• It allows bi-directional radio communication .

• Industrial, scientific ,medical
• (2.4-2.48GHz)band.
• ISM is a liscence free band
• ISM is used for short range applications including audio and video

16 August 2017 4
Characteristics of Dielectric Resonator Antenna

• The size of the dielectric resonator antenna is proportional to λo/√εr

• High dielectric constant

• Dielectric resonator antennas are designed to operate over a wide
frequency range of 1.3 GHz to 40 GHz

• The dielectric resonator antenna has much wider impedance bandwidth
compared to the microstrip antenna

• Dielectric resonator antennas have high dielectric strength which makes
them capable to handle high power

16 August 2017 5
Advantages of Dielectric Resonator Antenna

• Low dissipation loss at high frequency

• High permittivity

• Light weight

• Easy of excitation

• High radiation efficiency

• DRA offer simple coupling

16 August 2017 6
Parameter to be considered while designing antenna
for WBAN


• Return loss

• Gain

8/16/2017 7
Advantage of microstrip feed line

• To avoid the holes

• Ease of fabrication

• In this type of feed technique, a conducting strip is connected
directly to the edge of the DRA

• Simple to match by controlling the feed point

• Low spurious radiation
The Dual Band cylindrical Dielectric Resonator
Antenna with parasitic slot
• The cylindrical DRA shown in Fig 1 operates upper frequency at ISM band

• The lower excited parasitic slot operates lower frequency at MICS band

• The feeding technique is microstrip feed line , which is printed on RT
duroid 6010

Fig 1 Side view of the dual band DRA with parasitic-slot

16 August 2017 9
Cylindrical DRA (ISM) with parasitic slot

• Dielectric resonator is with
ceramic material

• Dielectric permittivity is 42

• Radius of the circular disk

• Height of the cylindrical disk is
hd =7.4mm

Fig 2 Top view of dual band CDRA with parasitic slot
16 August 2017 10

Fig 3 Bottom view of the dual band CDRA with parasitic slot

16 August 2017 11
Wireless Body Area Networks (WBANs)

16 August 2017 12

• A dual-band dielectric resonator antenna with parasitic-slot fed by a
microstrip line suitable for wireless body area network has been studied.

• The bandwidths of the hybrid antenna were wide enough to cover the MICS
(402–405 MHz) and ISM bands (2380–2485 MHz).

16 August 2017 13

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