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The Cambridge AICE Program

at Palmetto Ridge High School

Mr. Jon Bremseth, Principal
Mr. Daniel Chouinard, Assistant Principal, Curriculum and Instruction
Ms. Angela Spangler, Advanced Studies Coordinator
Developing successful students
Students build:
Learning skills
Critical thinking skills
Cambridge IGCSE/Pre-
AICE students become
independent learners
Building Skills across the Curriculum
Knowledge - of historical events and their impact
on societies
Learning skills - English - articulating ideas
clearly and accurately in writing and speaking
Critical thinking Science - interpreting
experimental observations and data
Problem-solving - applying mathematical
knowledge in the context of everyday situations
The subject syllabus is
where it begins
Assessment objectives
Description of assessment components
Curriculum content
Including detailed summary of what candidates should
know, understand, and be able to do
Grade descriptions
Resource list, including texts, and much more
Breadth of exam assessment
What do we assess? How do we assess it?
Knowledge Essays and short-answers

Understanding Projects and investigations

Application Labs - practical and oral

Skills Multiple choice

Exam Grading System Comparison
USA Cambridge (CIE) AP

A A*, A Excellent 5

B+ B
B C Good 4

C+ D
C E Satisfactory 3

D F Poor 2
F U Not passing 1
Excellent foundation
Cambridge IGCSE / Pre-AICE
prepares students for
Cambridge A / AS Level
AICE: Advanced International Certificate of Education
Advanced academic university qualification
Students studying and examining at Cambridge
International A and AS Levels
Students studies tailored to individual interests,
abilities, and future plans
Breadth of study combined with choice and flexibility
Selection of subjects from three curriculum areas
Group One: Group Two:
Mathematics and Science Languages

Group Three: Group Four:

Arts and Humanities Global Perspectives
AICE Diploma Requirements
Seven Credits to include one exam from each
subject group

Advanced Subsidiary (AS) Level exams passed

count as one credit

Advanced (A) Level exams passed count as two

Students must take 7 AICE courses (at the AS or A level) and pass
exams in 7 total AICE courses in order to earn an AICE Diploma. Within
the diploma, a Cambridge International AS Level examination passing
score is awarded one credit and a Cambridge International A Level
examination passing score is awarded two credits.
Support for teachers and students
Cambridge syllabi
Past exam papers, rubrics
Examiners reports, results, and
Examples of performances at
different grade levels
Benefits of AICE
AICE Diploma recipients
Can earn Bright Futures Academic Scholars Award
Regardless of SAT or ACT scores
With 100 hours of community service required
Can Accrue up to 45 college credits in many cases
Are eligible, with additional prerequisites, for a
CCPS Advanced Studies Laureate Diploma
Ready for university curricula