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Historians estimate that this recipe evolved into ice cream sometime in the

16th century. England seems to have discovered ice cream at the same
time, or perhaps even earlier than the Italians. "Cream Ice," as it was
called, appeared regularly at the table of Charles I during the 17th century.

For India, in the sixteenth century, the Mughal Emperors used relays of
horsemen to bring ice from the Hindu Kush to Delhi, where it was used in
fruit sorbets.

Ice cream (derived from earlier iced cream or cream ice) is a sweetened
frozen food typically eaten as a snack or dessert.

It is usually made from dairy products, such as milk and cream, and often
combined with fruits or other ingredients and flavours.
Havmors full name Havmor Ice Cream limited

It was started on 1st January 1944 .

In 1944, Mr. Satish Chona started HAVMOR in karachi.

After partition of India Pakistan, he started business in Dehradun and Indore but
he didnt got success then he started operation from Ahmedabad railway station
churning out ice cream manually.

Full Name: Havmor Ice Cream Limited

Nature: Limited company CIN NOU15200GJ2006PLC048016

Type: Manufacture-cum-retailer

Members: Pradeep Chona

Ankit Chona
Gayatri Chona

C.E.O.: Predeep Chona

Vision: HAVMOR, is committed to offer the finest quality products to their
customers at the best value of money.

Mission:To spread its presence pan India and become a Rs.1000 Crores Group by


Location Of Industry : Location of Main Office:

185/A, Phase-I 2nd floor, Commerce House 4,
Naroda GIDC, 100 Ft Road,
Ahmedabad, Prahaladnagar, Ahmedabad,
Gujarat Gujarat

Gujarat , Goa , Maharastra , Delhi , Rajasthan, Haryana and many more.

Various Product:
Ice Cream
Milk Shakes
Candies, Novelties,etc.

Annual Turnover: 450 Crores.

The plant purchased is at the cost of 8
billion including all machinery .
The area of building -
10,000 sq.ft.
Division of building :
The building is divided
into three floors .
On the first floor there is
cold storage , packing
section and some raw
material section.
On the second floor ,
there is admin office.
On the third floor , there
is another raw material
Owned /Rented :
Owned by Havmor Ice
Cream Limited
No much more furniture.

Made contract with various enterprises
for providing facility for

They provide them the trucks having

temperature of -18 to -25 degree
Celsius for the dispatch of finished
goods i.e. Ice cream from the factory to
the various distributors at their
1.Batch pasteurizer 2.Blender

3.Homogenizer 4.Ageing Tanks

Environment Friendly:
Supplier -
5.Spiral Hardening Tunnel Imported from foreign countries

In 2011

2,00,000 Liters of ice cream

Till packing section it is all
automatic but the packing is done

Cleaning of Machines
By the acid substances which has
low pH rank .
After each Batch.
Various raw materials like milk, milk solids, sugar, synthetic food colours, etc.
are used.

Suppliers: They had made contracts with various suppliers.

Mode of payment: Cheque or RTGS.

Frequency of purchase: Regular basis or in advance to mitigate the

scarcity of raw material.

Unit of measurements: kilogram and litres.

Insurance: It is in adequate amount of raw material stored.

Direct material: Milk, Milk solids, water, sugar, artificial flavours etc

Indirect material: Ammonia gas, all safety equipments, etc.

Quantity required from time to time: Quantiy is demanded from
suppliers as production carries out. Stock of raw material is there for
emergency situations.

Discount: 2% discount is provided at time of bulk purchasing

Quality control: Sample of raw material is tested in laboratory by quality

control department.

Storage of raw material: There is godown in a factory for storage.

Method of issue of raw material: FIFO method.

Ventilation system: Exhaust fans are used for ventilation.

Security in godown: Two security guards at the entrance and CCTV


Prevention of raw material: They maintain cold temperature in godown.

BOD : Pradeep Chona ,
Ankit Chona,
Gayatri Chona.
Marketing Manager, BOD
Finance Manager,
Human Resource,
R&D Manager
Production managers, -tal
Quality control department. Managers
No of employees:
750 peoples working
There is no special skill required
for working so most of them are
unskilled workers.
Operating Level
The work done is semi automatic
so workers are less required they are
required for packing purpose only.
Procedure for recruitment Made contract with various agencies
Training and Development of workers
Working hours : 24 hrs working of unit (in 2 shifts)
Shift duration : 12 hrs

Recess time : 20 min on alternate basis.
Canteen facilities - at 20% Discount
Medical facilities
Salary - by NEFT on 3rd of each month
Overtime : at normal rate per hour
Get from Gujarat Electricity Board (GEB).
one transformer at the plant to convert the acquired electric watts into specific rate
according to the every machine.

Get from the GIDC Naroda itself.
water is purified in the proper machines and then this pure water is used in manufacturing
Ice Cream industries require ample amount of water for manufacturing.

Havmor has two boilers
Capacity 5 Tons
Steam average required on day 1500 K.G.
Purchased from Thermex ltd.
Two people are for maintainance.
Pant is under CCTV Surveillance .
Besides this, there are censors, alarms, everywhere in the plant
There are also security Guards available in the plant.

Fuel :-
PNG (Pressurised Natural Gas) Adani Gas Limited
Bio Gas from the plant itself.

Drainage and Water Disposals:-

The waste water generated from manufacturing ice creams is going to be treated and then
this water is used for various purposes.
Process of storage of raw Mixing of raw materials
material In this, all the types of raw materials
When the goods are acquired by the such as milk, milk solids, butter, skim
store keeping dept, first all the milk powder, sugar are mixed up in the
samples are sent to the quality tank.
control dept.
Then this dept thoroughly checks the
quality of input and then approve it.
Further stored in storage dept.
Pasteurization Homogenisation
After getting the mix, it is sent The main aim behind this
to the stainless steel batch process is to get the
pasteurization tanks'. It is pasteurized smooth and consistent ice
for 10 minutes at 80 degree Celsius cream mix.
temperature For this the mix is passed
through the homogenizer
where it is homogenized in
its high pressure piston.
The machine used breaks
down the big particles into
0.2 micron.
Chilling and Ageing Continuous freezing
In this the mix is kept in In this, the chilled mix is
aging vats for 24 hours.
again mixed with various
The temperature flavours and colours as
maintained under this is per the product batch.
between 4 to 5 degree
celsius. The temperature is
maintained between -4
to -5 degree celsius.
It is that much for
batches of cups and
cones, for candies they
are sent to candy tanks
for moulding of them.
Final Packaging
The final mixture is filled in the cups and cones and then they are
packed in the packing material and sent to various instruments
like metal detector and weight controller.
In case of candies, they are first sent to candy hardening tunnel
and then to falvours tank.
Normally in the ice cream industry, the
wastage mainly consists of deteriorated
ice creams and waste water.
The waste water is purified in the waste
water treatment plant using various
chemicals like caustic soda, acis,etc.
Flavours available - More than 160 flavours
Policy of Flavours Of Month in which Havmor
introduce 3 or more than 3 flavours at every month.
Great Product Range available including various
Cups Big Cup(120 ML.), Jumbo Cup(240 ML.),
Sugar Free Cup, 98% fat free cup,100% Sugar free cup
Sundaes Sundaes Tubs, Exotic Sundaes, Double Sundaes
Blockbuster bar Normal, Fun size
Novelties Sandwich ice cream, Ice cream cakes, Cassata, etc.
Tubs Normal Tubs, Sugar free tubs
Party Pack 700 ML. packs, 2 Liter packs
Family Pack
Topo cones
Specifications - different colour, shape, size, and
even taste are available in each ice cream.

Storage Cold Storage

Temperature as per the product
Capacity 4,00,000 Liters

Wastages No harmful wastage for environment

Only ice creams having no good shape as the
wastage which is reused in the process.

Quality Control Meanwhile and after production

Meanwhile contains check up from each batch and
After production contains check up at outlet level on
regular interval.
At this point,we would like to conclude our project of Ice
Cream. This project has provided us management skills and
business knowledge.

We learned how to observe things intimately how to deal with

people in all circumstances and how to maintain relationships.

The project has taught us the importance of hard work,

teamwork, and enriched our communication skills.