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The three cases of
The nominative case


1.She is the conductor of the band.

2.I will wait only a few minutes.

3.They danced while we sat.

Predicate nominative (comes after linking
CLUE : linking verbs( be, been, am, is , are,
was, were)

1.The conductor is she.
2.It is i.
3.Our delegates have always been they.
The object case
Direct Object (answers the question
WHAT/WHO; receiver of the action or the

1.Larry saw me in town yesterday.
(Who did Larry see? me)
1.Our teacher praised her.
(Who did the teacher praise? her)
Indirect Object (answers the question TO
WHOM; receiver of the DIRECT OBJECT)


1.Give him the good news.

(Who received the good news? him)
1.Alice gave us the tickets.
(Who received the tickets ? us)
Object of the preposition (beside/near
prepositions; when you see TO beside the
pronoun, automatically, it is an OBJECT OF
1.Between us, there are no secrets.
2.Walk beside them.
3.She give it to him.
Object of Participle (when the ing verb
modifies something)

1.Racing her, he crashed into a fence.
(Who is racing her ? he)
1.The girl chasing them was her sister.
(Who is chasing them? the girl)
Object of Gerund (when the ing verb
doesnt modify anything and acts as a noun)
1.Dad likes helping me with my homework.
(The sentence didnt say that Dad helps me
with my homework, it just says that he LIKES
helping me.)
1.Warning them was my primary concern.
Object of Infinitive ( to + verb)


1.To tell her clearly, he had to shout.

2.He wants to ask me about the party.

The Possessive case
Before nouns


1.My shoes do not fit properly.

2.The principal visited our class.

Before gerunds


1.Your complaining bothers all of us.

2.We did not like his chattering in the theater.

Test 1
Choose the pronoun in the objective
case to compete each sentence.
Then write the use of the pronoun.
1. The principal wants to see (him, he)
2. Give the apple to (her, she).
3. My uncle sent a letter to (me, I).
4. I had lunch with (they, them) just last week.
5. Please stand in front of (I. me).
6. Carol wants to tell (him. he) about the
program offered by her high school.
7. Just between you and (I, me), I dont think
Tim will win.
8. The woman babysitting (they, them) was
very responsible.
9. Mary tried to ask (he, him) about the
10.The officer found (her, she) in the
playground on the new set of swings.
Test 2
Identify the pronoun/s in each
sentence and label each as personal,
reflexive, or intensive.
1. They cook what they grow in the garden.
2. I myself work for my family.
3. My brother promised himself a reward for
working hard.
4. The family harvested the palay themselves.
5. We could not afford to buy expensive food.
6. Mother herself takes good care of the
7. Please return the tools to their proper
8. My sister made herself a new scrapbook.
9. We hung the hammock ourselves.
10.The lost goat found its way home by itself.
Write a pronoun to complete each
sentence. Then, write the use of
1. Of all of _____, I like Mary the best.
2. Bruce told _____ his side of the story.
3. The clerk cant imagine how we found
4. Fred and _____ will finish all the chores.
5. The leaders of the combat team are
6. The lieutenant is ______.
7. Your plan pleased Sue and ______.
8. The coach scolded ______ girls.
9. You must give arthur and ______ the
entire report.
10.I gave ______ a try out.