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Ekahi Group - Global

Independent Family Office
About Ekhai Group

We are an international investment business

We invest our own capital in companies where

we believe our sector experience, and our
strategic and geographic expertise, will
improve performance.
Our aim
Ekahis current structure emerged in 2000 while the legacy traces 60 years. Today Ekahi is an International
Investment Business Headquartered in Tallinn, Estonia.
Ekahis aim is to be a pre-eminent international investment firm. We aim to buy and build investments in
selected sectors that stand the test of time and create value for all our partners and stakeholders, and
which will become the foundation for a new, highly regarded global investment business.
We focus on particular sectors where we have specialism at the moment that is metals & energy,
financial services & real estate, internet & technology, life sciences & health and hospitality & retail.
We are a family office that invests through our subsidiaries. Our liquidity is managed by Ekahi Treasury. If
we think a sector is attractive, and can be grown beyond the size and time horizon of private equity, we
will recruit renowned industry leaders to work in partnership with us to invest at scale.
We live in an unpredictable world, in many ways facing a new industrial revolution in which social media,
robotics, 3D manufacturing, artificial intelligence and new trade corridors are altering the landscape. Old
global certainties and structures are changing rapidly.
Despite this Ekahi has made good progress in diversifying its portfolio. It has established new investment
units in the health and retail sectors. We believe that it is well positioned to take advantage of
opportunities and mitigate risk.
Ekahis focus to ensure that the Board has the right balance of skills and experience to support and
challenge Ekahis investment management teams and their decisions.
Ekahi continues to attract world-class talent to its Advisory Boards. These Advisory Board members
include former chief executives, chairmen and entrepreneurs in their respective industries, who have
managed international businesses through turbulent times.
Ekahi investment teams and Advisory Boards stand ready to provide strategic advice and to work with the
companies Ekahi invests in to realize their potential.
Our structure
We are an international investment business headquartered in Tallinn,

Ekahi is an international investment business consisting of a holding

company and four groups which target investments in the metals &energy,
financial services & real estate, internet & technology, lifesciences&health
and hospitality &retail, where we have world class expertise.

Envesecure Global Limited( Ekahi Holdings) is the ultimate parent of the

group comprising of an intermediate holding company Elfington Limited.

Elfington Limited has four investment groups:Fortitus Limited provides the

treasury function(s), providing liquidity and undertakes trading activities.
Industria Limited invests in internet & technology, Ekahi Investment
Holdings invests in metals &energy, lifesciences&health and hospitality
&retail. Loancore Limited that invests in financial services & real estate.
Our Strategy and Capital Allocation
We invest in sectors that satisfy human needs. People need
energy, food retail, technology and healthcare.

Ekahi Strategy
We are entering a new age of economic disruption, which is
impacting all of us and is driven by extraordinary levels of
human creativity and technology. As the world shifts
economically, there is a danger of economic and political
volatility, but also new growth opportunities emerge as
industries evolve new operating models.
Technology impacts relationships with customers and
business models and is creating change in every sector.
Ekahi Capital Allocation
Our investment teams are structured to invest at scale in the oil and gas, retail, health, telecoms
and technology sectors.
Oil and Gas Increasing population growth means increased demand for energy. For the next 50
years, oil and gas will be an important cash flow generator. We invest in good development
opportunities at low oil prices, then target operating improvements and cost optimization.
Technology Big international companies are evolving their operating models, automating and
changing their customer relationships in 21st-century digital economy. We invest in technology and
software companies, which will provide the software and services to enable this transformation.
Our expertise in retail, banking, health, oil and gas and telecoms will help us make world-class
Health Technology and demographic trends are pushing the boundaries of healthcare and
creating new investment opportunities in contract manufacturing, life science tools and medical
distribution. Ekahi Health aims to make several sizeable investments aimed at generating high cash
flow and growth in these areas.
Retail The retail sector is in midst of substantial change, driven by demographics and technology.
We are looking for non-cyclical niches and companies that will be disruptors in the sector. These are
the companies that will generate cash flow and growth.
Treasury The majority of assets are invested in low-risk, highly liquid assets so that funds can be
released quickly and provided to the rest of Ekahi. In order to have adequate funds available at
relatively short notice, Ekahi Treasury selects a broad mix of investments.
Investment philosophy
As entrepreneurs and successful businesspeople we invest in, buy
and build companies where we see an attractive valuation,
competitive advantage and market opportunity, and where our
involvement will build significant value.

We invest for long-term growth

We are long-term growth investors with no fixed investment time

horizons and significant funding available of permanent capital. As
successful entrepreneurs, we can afford to invest for the long-term.
We know that building a better performing business takes
determination. We are disciplined when it comes to the execution
of strategy.
We make large scale investments in
sectors we know well
We invest internationally, at scale, in the
technology, telecoms, energy, healthcare and
retail sectors, where we have unrivalled
expertise, and believe we can generate long-term
sustainable growth. We leverage the insights we
gain from our investments in private equity to
build expertise in new sectors. If we think a
sector is attractive, and can be grown beyond the
size and time horizon of private equity, we will
recruit renowned industry leaders to work in
partnership with us to invest at scale.
We proactively manage our holdings
We are investing our own capital in companies where
we believe our sector experience, strategic and
geographic expertise will improve performance. We
like to understand how businesses work. We want to
know their structure, skills, processes and the basis of
their competitive strengths. We look at everything with
fresh eyes, always asking what works and what
doesnt. Our specialist teams then work actively with
the management of the companies in which we invest
by providing strategic input, managing performance,
and building competitive teams.
We target persistent value creation
We focus on metrics that are critical to a
companys persistent value creation rather
than quarterly results alone. We build value
through entry and then the proactive
management of our holdings and companies.
We focus on creating long-term value and on
operational excellence. Our investment
returns are generated through dividend
income, as well as long-term capital growth.
We are committed to best
governance practice
Ekahi is committed to the highest standards of
governance based on the requirements set for public
companies, including transparent financial reporting.
The corporate structure of Ekahi has been carefully
designed so that investment decisions are scrutinized
thoroughly. To scrutinize our investment teams
recommendations and to challenge our assumptions,
we have recruited sector investment Advisory Boards
consisting of internationally respected chief executives
and entrepreneurs. Each Advisory Board provides
advice on whether or not to proceed with a particular
opportunity in its sector. The Advisory Boards play an
essential role in our investment governance process.
Our businesses
Our investments are focused on the energy, technology,
real estate, financial services, engineering and logistics
through our four main business units.
Ekahi Metals & Energy
Ekahi Internet & Technology
Ekahi Heavy Industry & Engineering
Ekahi Healthcare & Lifesciences
Ekahi Logistics & Supply Chain
Ekahi Financial Services & Real Estate
Ekahi Treasury & Trading
Ekahi Credit & Capital
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