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Hoping Hearts

Dominican Republic

Responding to the needs of AIDS orphans &

the HIV positive Community
 25 million people worldwide have died
from AIDS since 1981, making it one of
the three deadliest epidemics in human

 The Caribbean is the region second

most-affected by AIDS in the world,
after sub-Saharan Africa.

 The island of Hispaniola, home to Haiti

and the Dominican Republic makes up
about 80 percent of all HIV cases in
the Caribbean.

 HIV/AIDS is the leading cause of death

among Dominican women of reproductive
Sources: USAID, CIA, UNAIDS, The World Factbook
HIV/AIDS in the Dominican
Total Population 9,365,818 (2007
Adult Prevalence 1.7 % (2003
Rate est.)
People Living 88,000 (2003
with HIV est.)
62,800 men
23,000 women

2,200 children

Reported Deaths 7,900 (2003

Sources: USAID, CIA The World Factbook
HIV/AIDS & Children
 Approximately
58,000 Dominican
children age 0 to
14 are either
orphans or at risk
of becoming orphans
because of the
HIV/AIDS epidemic
 These children are
being raised by:
 Living sick
 Grandparents

 Other relatives
Psychological Effects on

A study on the psychological

effects on aids orphan showed
 Most children lost hope
 They felt sad and helpless.
 Many were angry and depressed
 Have nightmares
 Feel guilty
Social Effects:
due to ignorance and lack of
about the disease
 Extreme prejudice
 Discrimination
 Isolation
 Rejection

 “In the Caribbean countries, anyone

connected to HIV/AIDS is ridiculed,
 Economic Conditions:
 Lack of family income
 Lack basic human needs

“Forty-two percent of the Dominican population

lives below the poverty line, and in some areas
31 percent of the people live in extreme poverty”
-- Focalisation of Poverty report.
Mission & Vision
 Our mission is to improve the
quality of life of AIDS orphans and
the HIV population in the Dominican
Republic, by providing them with
basic human needs and educational
 Our ultimate vision is to offer
hope to every Aids orphan and HIV
positive individual in the DR
through showing them the love of
Jesus Christ in a practical way.

Celia: friend who died of AIDS Daniel: Celia’s son

Yajaira in a AIDS orphanage in Mexico


Joanna & my brother

Their Children
Together we can make
a difference in their lives!

 “He who is kind to the

poor lends to the LORD,
and he will reward him
for what he has done.”
--Proverbs 19:17 (NIV)

 “A generous man will

himself be blessed, for
he shares his food with
the poor.”
--Proverbs 22:9 (NIV)