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BizTech Subcommittee

Charter Review & Initial Recommendations

Information Security Committee

January 12, 2005

BizTech was formed to contribute to the

varied interests of the Infosec member
representatives who are less interested
in public policy and more in business
development; sales and networking;
technical/business evaluation of policy
or standards proposals, and others.

Bring practical value-add to companies' ITAA membership experience

and sustain ITAA's credibility and thought leadership in information

Recommend to ITAA staff innovative programs to attract a greater

diversity of ITAA members.

Conceive and, with staff management, deliver programs and initiatives,

including, but not limited to:
Sales and business development networking through sponsored
conferences, workshops and special meetings
Information sharing about best practices; publication ideas
Evaluation of and comment on NIST draft publications and initiatives
Visibility and branding opportunities for company and individual expertise in
information security

Create meaningful, ongoing forum for Security

business issues
Networking, Best Practices, Industry Leadership
Address fragmentation of the Security Space
Focus on issues that our customers care about
Bundle experts, interested parties, and solutions

Produce something of value to our customers /

Create Security Roadmap/Strategy for Industry that
balances the global with the details
Help maximize the IA investment value for ITAA customers
Strawman Approach

Annual Event Roadmap

2005 Focus: FISMA, Net-Centricity, HSPD-12
Monthly networking (CISO Series, ???) topics
progress to Final Event

Annual Event & Awards Gala

Workshops/Survey resulting in annual report to Industry /
Govt (similar to CSI/FBI Survey)
ITAA Security Excellence Awards Top 10 in
Partnership with Govt to restart NISSC
Next Steps

ITAA Staff / Security Committee input

Kickoff meeting of interested parties
Establish activities / timeline / working
committee for 2005 activities
Collaboration with other competing
Interested Parties

As of 12/04:
Christine Crandell,, 408.383.1031
or 415.309.7017
Wesley Higaki,,
Lynn McNulty,, 703.448.8208
Marc Kolenko,, 703.818.5433
Fred St.Amour,,
Mandeep Khera,, 408.200.0712
Marty Bush,, 404.431.0055
Thank You
J.R. Reagan Jim Craft