TARIQ AHMED KHAN Manager Production Engineering

Every Activity is a process and an organization is a network of processes. * Men
* Machines * Materials * Methods * Measurements * Environment (M) * Morale

Control & Process Control

Standardization of revised procedure CHECK

Analysis DO

Confirm Result

Try Countermeasure s

PLAN, DO, CHECK & ACTION with the help of 7M

What is S.P.C.
Statistical Process Control is the set of analytical tools and methodologies that can be used to understand, improve, predict and control process behavior. It is a continuous process of quality improvement efforts based upon a defect prevention strategy.

What is S.Q.C.
Statistics means ³the Art and Science of Collecting, representing and analyzing repetitive data´ and the process is controlled by statistical analysis.
Measuring 7M Statistical Analysis Improvement

Why Basic Q.C. Tools
* Variation Control * Customer Requirement * Internal Improvement * Quality Costs

What are Basic Quality Tools
1. Graphs 2. Check Sheets 3. Pareto Diagram 4. Cause & Effect Diagram 5. Scatter Diagram 6. Control Charts 7. Histogram

Difficulties in implementing Basic Q.C. Tools
1. Lack of understanding to SQC Tools. 2. Misunderstanding of SQC. 3. Lack of Top Management vision. 4. Resistance to change. 5. Lack of professionals.



Benefits of Basic Quality Tools
1. Effective feedback. 2. Resistance to change. 3. Identify improvement areas. 4. Involvement of People at all level.

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