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(Biography & Artworks)


1917 to Manuel Legaspi and Rosario Torrente in Tondo. Manila. . Personal Background • Cesar Torrente Legaspi was born April 2.

. There he received medals for perspective and illustration projects in which he earned his Certificate of Proficiency in 1936. Educational Background • He took up Painting for one term at the University of the Philippines School of Fine Arts .

in Madrid. He then pursued art studies abroad as a scholar at the Cultura Hispanic. 1953-1954. . He also went to Paris to study at the Academie Ranson for one month under Henri Goetz.• After which he continued his education in art under Pablo Amorsolo.

1945. "Man and Woman" (also entitled Beggars). reflect his personal reaction to the national issues. The painting shows the sufferings of urban beggars as what a couple in rags shows. Early Paintings • His early paintings. .

Man And Woman .

"Gadgets" 1947. done in two versions. The life of the deprived factory worker or laborer who deserves proper compensation and treatment for the producing country's wealth can also be viewed here. reflects the human beings look more like gadgets than people. .• Another important work.

Gadgets 1 Gadgets II .

• Back in the Philippines. He also worked as a magazine illustrator and artistic director at an advertising agency. He finally left the agency in 1968 to focus on his painting career. he had his first one-man show at the Luz Gallery in 1963. .

and the Wraxall Gallery in London with Filipino artists Mauro Malang Santos and Benedicto Cabrera in 1982. the São Paulo Biennial in Graphic Arts in 1967 and 1969. Career Life • During his career as an artist. including the First Plastic Arts Conference in Rome in 1953. . he had the opportunity to be part of several exhibits abroad.

he holds the record of five retrospective exhibitions at different venues: the Museum of Philippine Art in 1978.• Furthermore. . the National Museum and the Metropolitan Museum in 1988. and the Luz Gallery and the Cultural Center of the Philippines in 1990.

. where the depiction of the social conditions is the artist’s focus. Art Style • Neo –Realism (also called New Realism) is a movement in art. but done in styles associated with modern artists.

. Typical cubist paintings frequently show letters. two-dimensional surface of the picture plane. human faces and figures. pitchers. newspapers. glasses. The Cubist style emphasized the flat. musical instruments.• Cubism The first abstract style of modern art. bottles.

Diosdado Lorenzo. Ricarte Purugganan. Galo Ocampo. Demetrio Diego. was the leader of the revolutionary Thirteen Moderns. a group having members such as Carlos Francisco. 13 Moderns • Victorio Edades. Anita Magsaysay. Arsenio Capil and Cesar Legaspi. Bonifacio Cristobal. HR Ocampo. . Vicente Manansala. José Pardo.

• Group’s vision is to promote the vision of Modern Art in the country and to bring Philippine art up to date with the rest of the art world. .

Other Artworks .

Ginintuang Mayo .

The Ritual .

Superstition .

Tree Planting .

Workers .

Art Association of the Philippines. Stairway to Heaven • 1950 – Honorable Mention in the Manila Grand Opera House Exhibition. Gadgets • 1948 – unang gantimapala. Awards and Recognition • 1944 – ikaapat na gantimpala. Art Association of the Philippines. Manila Club Art Exhibition. Symphony . Sick Child • 1949 – ikaapat na gantimpala. Planters • 1949 – unang gantimpala. Art Association of the Philippines.

mula sa Lungsod ng Maynila • 1981 – Critics’ Choice Award for Five Outstanding Living Artists • 1990 – Gawad CCP para sa Sining Award. Ritual • 1972 – Patnubay ng Sining at Kalinangan Award. mula sa Cultural Center of the Philippines . Art Association of the Philippines.• 1951 – ikatlong gantimpala.

Celeste. His daughter. is one of the most gifted proponents of Filipino popular music. . Married Life He was married to Vitaliana Kaligdan with whom he had five children.

Hewas an active member of the Art Association of the Philippines and was part of the Neo-Realists. Death • . He was also the head of the Saturday Group artists from 1978 until his death on April 7. . 1994 at the aged of 77.