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Ecological Interactions

Organisms interact as individuals and as
Competition and predation are two important ways
in which organisms interact.

▪ Competition occurs when two
organisms fight for the same limited
1. Intraspecific competition
▪ Same species
2. Interspecific competition
▪ Different species
▪ Predation occurs when one organism captures
and eats another.
▪ There are three major types of symbiotic relationships.
(interaction between 2 organisms)

1.Mutualism: both
organisms benefit
2.Commensalism: one organism
benefits, the other is unharmed
Eyelash mites find
all they need to
Commensalism survive in the tiny
Ø Human Our follicles
eyelashes are
of eyelashes.
home to tiny
Magnified here 225
mites + times, these
that feast on oil
creatures measure
secretions and
0.4 mm in length
dead skin.
and can be seen
Without harming
only with a
us, up to 20 mites
may be living in
one eyelash
Ø Organism is not affected + Organism benefits
3.Parasitism: one organism
benefits, the other is harmed
Hornworm 0 Braconid wasp
_ + Braconid larvae
The host feed on their
hornworm will host and release
eventually die themselves
as its organs shortly before
are consumed reaching
by wasp the pupae stage
larvae. of development.

_ Organism is not affected 0 Organism benefits
▪ Parasitism meet their needs as
▪ ectoparasites (such as leeches)
▪ endoparasites (such as hookworms)